Alastor Eriel

  • Name: Alastor Eriel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Species: Stoat
    Occupation: Wanderer, Avenger
    Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Misguided Good)

    Physical Appearance:
    Alastor is strong, and has a sturdy frame. He is slightly taller than average, and ripples with muscles from years of hard farm work. He has rich brown fur with an off-white throat and belly. He has a short tail with a black tip. Alastor has dark piercing eyes, jet black in color. He has two patches of black fur starting on each side of his jaw going to under his ears. His teeth are a gleaming white, which he displays often in battle. Alastor is very handsome, but in a dark, wild way. Alastor wears a simple pair of cloth breeches and a snakeskin belt that he carries his sword in. He wears a studded armor vest which leaves his mighty arms bare.

    Alastor carries a vermin blade, a jagged paw-and-half blade he took from a fox he killed with his bare paws. He also has a home made weapon. It is a finger-less glove made of snake skin he wears on his left paw. But, he changed this glove (retrieved from a vermin body like most of his belongings) by sewing several small blades into it so that they protrude from the knuckles and jut out in the direction of his fingers. When he curls his paw into a fist, this makes his punch that much more devastating. One last thing he keeps very close to himself is a simple silver ring. His parents were poor, and couldn't afford much, but they exchanged two simple silver rings. Alastor was able recover one from the ruins of his home days after the incident, and he guards it with his heart. He wears in in memory of his parents, though he sometimes puts it away when the pain of loss overwhelms him.

    Alastor is cold hearted, somber fellow. He has a fiercely one track mind, which is centered purely on revenge. Anybeast that gets between him and revenge is an enemy that deserves to be cut down and forgotten. He slays evil creatures indiscriminately, and is such seen as a "vermin hunter" by many. Alastor has no remorse or second thoughts about those he kills, even if they are not purely evil. He does not give them the chance for redemption, as their only redemption is death in his eyes. He thrives in battle, smiling there more than in safety. Revenge is his life, and he is always seeking to kill Lysistra. Other than this he has almost no reason to live. He believes he can never love again, as the only people he ever loved, his parents, are dead.

    Alastor seldom interacts with other "goodbeasts," but when he does he is cold and distant. He, to an extent, despises those who live in peace (such as Redwall.) He thinks them soft, and far from the real troubles of the world. But, one should not write off Alastor nothing but a heartless monster. He genuinely thinks he making the world a better place, and somehow letting his parents rest in peace by slaying their last remaining "killer." He has feelings, and he once did love, though he has repressed that. It is perhaps not an impossibly that one day he could be changed back into the simple, kind farmer he was. But, while his hunt for Lysistra continues, these chances are very slim.

    Alastor Eriel is an expert swords-beast and duelist. He learned his skill from an elderly vole sword master named Haaken. His skills are particularly visible in one-on-one battles as he trained for. Alastor is expert tracker and hardly ever loses a trail once he's found it. He is also physically powerful from being a farmer.

    Alastor is not overly agile, having trained muscle mass over flexibility. This also means he is a far less than stellar climber. Weapons like slings and bows are unfamiliar to his paws, though he can do fairly well with throwing weapons due to their simpler nature.

    Alastor lived in a small farmhouse in Mossflower with his parents, learning to farm and live off the land. He grew strong and fir from many days of hard labor. Life on a farm was not easy, but they were happy. They ate what the grew, and shared what they had left with other woodlanders. They were stoats, vermin by nature, but their ancestor's had been left behind years ago when a great horde had fled the woods, and learned to appreciate the peaceful life. They were accepted by their woodland neighbors.

    One night, while Alastor was still a young teen, a group of adolescent vermin raided the farm. They were young and brave, led by a young fox who urged them to give in to their vermin instincts. They saw the little farm as an easy target. The farm house was burnt, and Alastor's parents were captured. Alastor himself had been told to run, and hid in the edge of the woods. The crazed vermin tortured and killed Alastor parents, and Alastor was enraged. Going into a terrible wrath, he charged and grabbed the fox leader by his neck. The fox dropped his blade as the life was choked out of him and his neck was broken in the young stoat's hardy paws. Taking up the blade, Alastor slew the vermin one by one, while sustaining heavy wounds himself. One vermin, a young female pine marten named Lysistra, had been far enough away to avoid the bloodbath. She was a rather timid creature, forced into the raid by peer pressure. She had not joined with the others in the killings, standing back in internal confusion.

    However, to Alastor, Lysistra was as guilty as the others. As Alastor advanced on Lysistra, she begged for mercy, but Alastor was beyond thought. She backed away from the blood crazed creature, pleading for her life in any way she could think. She even offered herself to him, as female vermin sometimes did to preserve their lives from the paws of overly aggressive males. But, it was all senseless against the revenge filled mind of Alastor. Lysistra, seeing that talking was useless, ran. Alastor ran after her, and would have overtaken her, had he not collapsed from loss of blood.

    Alastor lay there a long time, fully expecting to die. He was found by a vole swords-master, who healed him from the brink of death. The vole took him back to the site of the disaster and helped Alastor bury his parents. Alastor searched the ruins for any memories of his parents, but all he found was one of their simple silver wedding rings. The other was nowhere to found. The vole was a knowledgeable fellow who had little company for many years. Eager to share his knowledge, the old vole took Alastor as an apprentice. The stoat was trained in many things, both physical and mental. The old vole saw him Alastor become a terrible force of destruction, and attempted to teach him calm and peace. Sadly, Alastor's mind was always caught up on thoughts of his parents, and the single marten that had escaped.

    After several years, Alastor made the decision to leave, to hunt down Lysistra. He could not live knowing that one of his parent's killer's got away, regardless of her level of involvement. The vole was against revenge, but did not stop him from leaving. He did tell Alastor that he would never find peace in revenge, but Alastor didn't want peace. After months of searching, he finally found trace of Lysistra, and has been on her trail ever since. He will not sleep easy until his revenge is complete, and Lysistra breaths no more.

    Lysistra Darkmoon-Worst enemy


    Theme: Magika - Two Steps From Hell
    Mary Sue Test Score: 22

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