Full name: Bigwig Pike, also called Furpike

Occupation: Wanderer

Moral Alignment: Neutral, but goes to good

Species: Mountain hare

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Height: 5'7"

Description: A silver colored mountain hare wearing a cape with a fish pike on it. His feet are brown, along with his eartips. He wears a red and white checkered tunic that fits him very comfortable. He also has and extra tuft of fur growing in between his ears. He has a sword belt around his wait to keep the sword in.

Personality: takes things seriously and can joke around whenever he can

Possessions: A dagger and sword

Good swordsman
Not afraid to fight in battles

Being not afraid might kill him one day
fear of foxes
fear of horses

Background: Bigwig Pike was born during bad weather in a cave that his parents lived in. Whenever he was growing up, he stopped by a lake multiple times in which he wanted to go swimming, but it had three pikes in it and his mother refused to let him go swimming. So whenever he had enough strength to pick up a sword, he went over to the lake and killed all three pike, thus earning him the name Furpike. To get a little bit more out of life, he left his home to go find adventure.