Hi, I'm new here and I'm starting to learn where everything is. And if you don't welcome me, you'll have to answer to my blade. takes out blade JK, I'm really a nice person. So hai!

Hey, there Sawney! I'm known as Kariska, Emperor Kariska or the Lord of Darkness around here. Basically, I'm a very evil person around here. pulls out even bigger blade and licks it I look forward to RPing with ya!

Oh, by the way, welcome to Redwall's Legacy!

Welcome to Redwall's Legacy! 🙂

I am Kiara, co-admin
If you have an questions or concerns, please let me know, or you can ask just about anyone. I see you already met Kariska. 🙂

Hi, it's nice to meet you! I'm the moderator of the Redwall subforum, the Mossflower subforum, and also the Champion for Redwall (my character Brad is Redwalls champion)

Hope you enjoy your stay

hello there, my name's Camaclue and I'm still figuring out the whole existing thing

Good evening. I am Penblade the Wit; King's Wit to be precise. I'm probably the least trustworthy but conversly most handsome admin you'll meet. Anyway though, nice to meet you, and welcome.

It's a pleasure to meet anyone unless you're sick of their existence

Hey there matey, cool username!  Sawney Rath was always one of my favorite villians.  He was a pretty cool cat as far as ferrets go.

As for me, I'm Jake.  I come out of hibernation each fall and stay active on the site until summer rolls around again.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay at RL!

by the way I never clicked on your eggs, so…

Then answer to my blade! takes out blade Nah! I'm just kidding. I wouldn't hurt anyone

Welcome, good fellow.  I am Spider Milkshake, a beast of little consequence here.  ::)
I look forward to a new matey to RP with, me hearty. 😉

A real pleasure to meet ya!

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