• Full name: River

    Species: Otter

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16 seasons

    Height: 5 ft.

    Description: He is a rather short otter, with brown eyes, black fur, with a brown spot on the top of his head. He has a white spot on his stomach that he will, on occasion, dye black, so as to blend in better.  He wears a tunic that fits him rather snugly.

    Possessions: A short sword, a shield, a pack of about 10 javelins, a cloak, a bag for food and herbs.

    Good sword fighter,
    Good with throwing weapons,
    A rudimentary knowledge of healing,
    A semi good tracker.

    Does not know how to use any other weapons other than his own,
    Does not know how read or write,
    Hates heights,
    Has a fear of ships, not water, ships.

    Background:  He was born to a pair of Otters on board a pirate ship. When he was 2 weeks old the ship was attacked by another pirate ship and his parents were killed in the battle.  Soon afterwards the pirate ship attacked the high north coast and was defeated and the slaves rescued.  River, as his parents named him, was sent to an otter holt down the coast were they thought his parents were likely from.  However, when he reached 12 seasons it became apparent that they were not from this holt as he looked a lot different from the son of the male otter who went missing.  He stayed until his sixteenth season and then left to wander.

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