Operation: Let's Try and Get Jared Back

  • Sent my letter.

  • hold on. Doing.

  • I've only gotten two so far; if anyone else can help with this please do so, I'd rather not wait several years to just to even speak to Jared again. This is going to need as many people as possible if it's going to even have a chance of working.

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    UPDATE: OK, guys, so I can access this site from other areas, but if I can, I must do so in secret. And, you know, just as a quick note and not meant as a criticism, for an Operation in Trying to Get Me Back, you don't seem really enthusiastic or concerned about it. Do you guys not care about me, or what? What is it that's preventing you guys from carrying this operation out? Why is no one wanting to help? This should be a collective effort, people!

  • Jared, it's not a matter of not caring on my part. I do like you, your a good friend, but I have my own problems right now. Sorry, it's just how things worked out for me.

  • …and? I understand you're all mopey because you can't talk to your girlfriend and all, but explain to me exactly how this prevents you from doing what I specified in my first post. I doubt it'd even take 10 minutes of your time. So why can't you accomplish something that isn't very difficult or time-consuming? Because you can't contact your girlfriend. Boo-hoo. I know what you're going through, believe me, I do, but that's no reason for you to not help your "good friend" out. Quit complaining about something you can't do anything about and actually do something for one you can.

    Ignore this post

  • Um, thats not my only problem.

  • Sorry, it seemed implied that it was the girlfriend thing, my apologies.  😞  What else is eatin' you?

  • I'd rather not say, especially in a public place like this.

  • Well, whatever it is, I know you can work through it. And if you ever need anybody, I'm certain everyone here will gladly help you out.  😉

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