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    As the abbey grew larger, Ensis started to loose his former feeling of euforia, and it was being replaced by uneasyness.  Oregano had the same feelings.

    "It's to quiet around here for Redwall, and its giving me a bad feelin'.  I think we should go in through the north wall gate.  What say you all?"  He said in testiment to his uneasy feelings.

    Ensis mearly nodded in agreement, his hand cluchting the hilt of his sword uneasly.

  • Skipper clapped his hands in anpicpation, "And how do you, sir, know where I north wall gate is… is it this one or on the otherside?" Skipper gave a teasing grin.

    Rose sighed and smacked her brother in the head gently, " Skip, stop teasing them, don't you see they are a tad bit uneasy"
    Skipper rubbed his head and gave a fake face of pain, "Ok..ok.I will stop"

  • Kiara smiled and giggled as Rose hit Skipper. She shook her head. "which ever side you want to enter in to make you all feel better is fine with me." She said with a small smile. "I don't think you should feel uneasy though. Isn't this Redwall place supposed to be peaceful?"

  • "Usualy ma'am," Oregano started, "but it just doesn't feel right… any way's we should get going."  He led them off the path heading south east untill their reached the northern wall with a small wicker gate.

    Oregano cuppid his hands around his mouth and made a strainge, bird-like noise.  A head popped above the battlements.  "Oregano, that you out there?"

    "Ya, its me, Altior.  Open the gate."  Oregano shouted back up as the otter's head dissapeared from the wall top.

    They moved up to the gate as it opened.  "It's good to see you, Oregano," the worry on Altior's face was abvious. "There's an enemy in the abbey.  The other's are looking for him in the abbey."

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  • Pan stowed his lute in his pack as he stepped through the gateway, worry evident on his face. "Enemy, you say? What kind of enemy?"

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  • Kiara followed Pan inside the gateway. 'So much for the peace.' She thought to herself and slowly looked around. She was happy that Altior knew Oregano, otherwise she doubted they'd be let in due to the fact that there is an enemy somewhere and the beasts here wouldn't want to let more in. "How would they have gotten in?" She asked, thinking out-loud.

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    "That isn't important right now, where is the intruder?" Ensis barked bluntly.

    "In the upper part of the abbey."  He turned and ran for the abbey with the rest following.

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