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  • Kiara had been wondering around for a while, with no where in particular to go when she heard a noise ‘whip’ through the air, followed by a scream. Her head telling her not to go, but her heart told her to go incase some beast needed help. Although she hoped she was wrong.

    When she got with in seeing distance of what was going on, she gasped, wanting to turn away from the sight but unable to do so. The sight that she was fixated on was that of a vermin, whipping another creature that was bound with chain.

    She slowly walked closer, getting an arrow from her quiver and placing it in the bow and tightening the string. Aiming the arrow at the vermin’s arm, not wanting to kill it, but just to ignore it and shot the arrow through the air.

    (( OOC – need somebody to be the vermin and the beast in trouble…but if not..I can be the beast in trouble also.))

  • I will be the beast in trouble

    Skipper Silentpaw screamed as the whip came down his back. His bushy tail was bloodly and his back stong. The chains dug into his wrist evr whip pain harder and harder

  • -ooc- I'll be vermin… Weasle...

    -bic- The weasel's hard whip came crashing down on the Skipper's back again, and the weasel smiled as the otter screamed again. "You aint gonna do no one any good dead now otter."
    As the whip came down again, he felt an arrow pierce his arm. This time the weasel screamed in pain dropping the whip.

  • "Bingo!" Kara said as her arrow her its target dead on. She smiled as the weasel dropped the whip and walked forward, thinking that the whip was his only weapon.

    "Serves you right for hurting that squirrel" She said, kicking the whip farther away from the weasel so that he couldn't get to it. She took another arrow and put it in the bow and notched to string. She wasn't really going to kill the weasel…but he didn't know that.

  • The weasel grabbed at the arrow protruding from his arm and winced in pain. "To the gates with you [mouse?]. How dare you meddle in affairs that you know nothing about?"
    The weasel sucked up the pain as much as he could, and lunged at the [mouse?] hoping to disarm her.

  • OOC - yup..I'm a mouse.

    "You have no right to do this to any beast, no matter what they have done." Kiara told the weasel.

    She gasped as he lunged toward her. Her arrow getting flown into the air at nothing in particular and landed in the trunk of a near by tree. Her bow getting knocked from her grip as she fell to the ground.

  • Skipper sturgguled against the chains. "Get off chains…" he sturgled

  • "Weasle COME AND LET ME OUT OF THESE CHAINS….they kill!!!!!!and your ruining my perfect body!!" he shouted at the weasle "and you look like a dirty weasle who does not even know how to count!!"

  • The weasel grabbed at the bow that Kiara was holding, and struggled to wrench it from her grasp. The mouse was stronger than he had anticipated though, and we had a hard time doing so. Just as the weasel thought he might have it, he felt something very hard hit him in the back of his head.

  • Skipper wacked the weasale hard with his tail. "Get these nasty chains off me!!!!!"

  • The weasel let go of the bow and grunted. He rolled away quickly and tried to stand up again, but his head was spinning and fell back down.

  • Spat on him "dirty frog stomach…." shakes his head in mock pity..."I don't fell one bit sorry for you...tut tut tut"

  • The weasek lurched forward and lunged for the chains still attached to the otter. If he could use Skipper as a shield, he might be able to get away.

  • smacks the weasle hard in the face with his rudder tail

  • Kiara watched the weasel and otter fighting. She equiped her bow with another arrow and aimed it, but didn't shoot, for fear that she might hit the otter instead of the weasel.

    "Get away from him!" She yelled at the weasel, her bow aiming at him, as best as she could.

  • sees the mouse with the bow he shouted "JUST LET IT GO!!!" he smacke the weasel again on the left side making him move down.

  • What if I hit him.. She thought to herself, thinking if she should really shoot the arrow. She bit her lip in thought.

  • The third time the otter hit him, the weasel fell back again slightly dazed. He didn't have a chance to get up before it happened.

  • Once the weasel fell back, Kiara shot her arrow at his leg. She didn't really what to kill it. But she would hurt it to save herself and the otter.

    When she shot the arrow she ran towards the chained otter, to see if she could get him out before the weasel could recover.

  • The weasel screamed in pain as the arrow pierced his skin and bit into his leg.
    He fell back quickly and lay on the ground writhing in pain.
    After a moment, he went still. He wasn't dead, but the pain was excruciating and his hit to the head had gotten the best of him. He was unconscious.

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