[open] Erased Through Time (Mossflower) Act1

  • "I'm the biggest beast here, so I may as well." Reverrek reached down and lifted the tablet. It was heavy to be sure, but he felt confident enough that he could carry it to Redwall without issue. He set it down again and looked back up to his companions, "Right, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. In the meantime, I'll go hack down some bushes we can use to cover this poor beast up until we can contact the Long Patrol. Does that sound good to everyone?"

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  • BIC: Will it ever stop? was all Nova could think as the lightning flickered briefly showing Redwall for a brief moment through the rain that made it hard to see anything past a hundred paces. Wiping the rain from her eyes as she darted up to the gate Nova to cover in the archway and looked at Reverrek and Skor "Not sure if anybeast'll hear us through all this racket but I'd rather be honest and say we knocked…"
    The vixen turned and knocked on the doors of the gate with one claw as she kept her other at her side "Might have to bump the bar with me sword. Got shouted at last time I did that but I'm not sitting out in this downpour any longer than I have to."
    She knocked again and started looking for the gap between the two doors of the gates while waiting for any answer that may or may not come. She grabbed for the hilt of her sword about to draw her blade when a muffled voice called down to them from the wall-tops "Ello zur's who ee knockin at ee gates?"
    Nova looked up and blinked to get a view of the beast before closing her
    eyes, it was one of the abbey moles "Oi, its me Nova and err... umm... Skor Axehound and Reverrek..."
    The white vixen shook her head after a raindown found its way into her nostril "Ack, can you open the cursed gate so we can get out of this... river from the sky? It's getting on my last nerve!"
    The mole nodded "Dat ee can do ferr ee tree of ee marm!"
    Nova cringed as another heavy drop landed on the top of her skull but unlike any of the previous ones this one hurt causing her to rake a claw through her fur. She brought her claw down in front of her and glanced at the pea sized sphere of ice in her claw "Ehh?"
    The gate shook as the bar was removed and three moles opened the gates. Nova bolted by them in a blurr of white "Thanks, I can finally get out of 'this'!"

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  • Reverrek grunted as he lifted the heavy stone tablet. It hadn't been too difficult at first, but after carrying it for a while, his arms were beginning to get sore, and the heavy rain certainly didn't help any. Making his way through the gate, he was greeted by a front view of the main abbey building. Though it'd probably be easier to see in clear weather, Reverrek couldn't help but marvel at the sight. The famed Redwall Abbey, and here it was right before him. His marveling was quickly brought to a halt by a chunk of ice that pelted him on the head. Startled, he almost dropped the tablet, but quickly regained his grip before hurrying inside the main abbey building. He hadn't expected hail this far south, but thought no more of it as he set the tablet down and caught his breath.

  • Skor was watching the rear of their small group.  He shook his head in annoyance with rain trying to see father down the path they had come from.  turning his head for a second he saw the fabled abbey of Redwall ahead, and increased his speed a little to get there with Nova and Reverrek.  Coming through the gate he felt a piece of hail on his head, "Blasted hail."  He muttered as he hurried inside to get out of the storm.  "I should see about getting a cloak here."  He thought to himself.

  • Huffing and snorting for a second in the Great Hall Nova scowled a little as she glanced around at the few beasts around besides Reverrek and Skor. Fixing her composure and losing her scowl she looked at one of the brothers, a slightly plumped mouse who was adjusting his spectacles as he fiddled with one of the windows of the Great Hall "Wish we had put shutters on right about now, it's starting to rain ice and the last thing I'd want to see is our own windows shredding the tapestry."
    The mouse brought his face almost against the stained window to inspect a tiny crack that had been there since forever concerned that any weakness could make it just that much easier for the window to shatter.
    Nova folded her arms and grunted, here she… they were soaking wet and he was more concerned about some tapestry. She cringed and squeezed her eyes, Bel would've grilled her tail if he could read her mind sometimes. It wasn't just some tapestry, it was the focal point of the abbey and it would be more than a little painful it the centerpiece of the abbey was lost. Taking an open claw with its palm facing up towards the ceiling she motioned to the tapestry "If you're so worried that you're going to smack your face against the window…  hmph! If it's a concern why not just move the tapestry out of the Great Hall?"
    Nova glanced at Reverrek and shrugged sarcastically "We're inside, might as well put that down someplace. Vulpez slay me if the tapestry gets a little cut up."
    The aged mouse turned to her and stepped down off the stool he had been using to get up to the window "It'd take some gentle work to do that, but it could be done... Where to put it though?"

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  • Reverrek sat down next to the tablet and shook himself to dry. He let out a sigh of relief to finally be indoors and at his destination no less. He set down his bag and his sword before gazing around the abbey building. His eyes came to rest on the remarkable tapestry and he sat in wide-eyed wonder of it like a dibbun. "It's incredible…" he said as he stood up to fully admire it. So this was Redwall Abbey, it was just about everything he'd imagined it to be, and he'd just barely seen it so far! He turned his attention to the plump mouse. "This place really is fantastic, but he haven't come just to admire. There's a Long Patrol hare thats been killed, and we think this tablet here has somethin' to do with it."

  • Skor sat down at one of the Tables, and said "You might want to have a couple of Scholars take a look and see if they can decipher anything from the writing on it.  Also is there any chance we could get some food?  And I could get a Cloak?"  He than pulled out his swords and started cleaning and sharpening them.

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