Teoumm the Cheat (now finished)

  • Full Name: Teoumm the Cheat

    Species: Mole

    Age: 30 years

    Alignment: Quite evil

    Height: Between 4'9" and 5', depending on what store he's leaving…

    Weight: 122 lbs

    Job: Jack-of-all-trades, particularly the illegal ones. He cheats, steals, swindles and occasionally murders.  Very fond of spy-work and assassinations.

    Description:  As moles go, this one is rather elongate, tall and thinner than usual.  His digging claws are long and thick, and sharpened slightly.  His fur is all a deep, shiny ebony, from nose to stubby tailtip. His eyes are black as well, and have a rather welcoming and friendly look. He is clothed in plain brown linen breechclouts and a more expensive-looking brown velveteen waistcoat with plenty of pockets for holding the tools for his dastardly deeds.  Oftentimes he wears a long forest green barkcloth hooded cloak for both inclement weather and stealth. He typically wears a flop hat of stiff new black leather with a dark brown satiny hatband.  There is often a feather stuck there, usually from a common bird like a wren or a goldfinch. It is difficult to tell, but his belt is made of weasel hide.

    Possessions: His clothing, a satchel for supplies, and a collection of six knives, each of a different length, shape and purpose: The smallest is a little boot dagger for quietly killing beasts in close quarters, the largest is a long skinning knife.  I wonder what that's for...

        - Expert knife-user and thrower
        - Manipulative
        - Handsome by mole standards

        - Very poor runner
        - Forgetful
        - Full of himself

        Teoumm is truly a moral-less mole, though it is hard to determine that even after several meetings.  A sly, devious, but outwardly charming fellow, Teoumm knows very well what to say and how to say it to get what he wants.  He tends to be cheerful, even in a situation where most creatures would not seem so chipper.  His moleish accent is lessened, but still present.

        Nobeast is really quite sure where Teoumm came from. Some say he was raised in the outskirts of Southsward, others in the Northeastern forests around Noonvale.  All that is known is that he quotes his great aunt quite a lot, introducing to his new acquaintances the oddest of wisdoms... most of which are not quite true to reality.  He was first noted as a presence at around fifteen years of age, when he was reported by several townsbeasts stealing trivial objects as he traveled and picking fights with the local boys.

    And by the time he saw his eighteenth winter he was a full-fledged knife-fighter and rogue.  Since then he has steadily worked his way around the land in lazy circles, usually leaving a trail of unexplained deaths and larcenies...

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