Agnes Kilpatrick

  • Name: Agnes Grace Kilpatrick
    Aliases: Aggie
    Species: Harvest mouse
    Birthdate: That thin space of days between the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn
    Age: 20
    Build: Short, curvy, and just a touch bottom heavy.(coughbabyweightcough)
    Origin: A watermeadow deep in the Southsward, called Black Water Bayou by the population of the settlement
    Languages: Her mother tongue isn't common Woodlander, but something altogether more exotic, called Creole or Cajun or Arcadian. Lore states that it's the language that the settlement's ancestors used when they were forced from their northwestern home uncountable seasons ago.
    Occupation: Traveling Fiddle Player
    Ethnicity: an odd blend of Southsward Swamp and second-generation Borderland
    Eyes: dark blue
    Hair: Black, straight, and a little past her shoulders
    Scars: a few.
    Fur/Markings: Wheat-gold and sleek, with darker rimmed ears
    Attire: Simple dresses, skirts, and tunics, usually altered or over large to accommodate her pregnant form
    Accessories: Fiddle. A small bow and a few sharp arrows. A string of five wooden beads, worn smooth from years of handling.
    WOC: Bow and arrows are what she's best at, but her father insisted on having her at least know how to use most other weapons without hurting herself. She's also really, almost startlingly, good at down-and-dirty hand to hand type stuff.
    Appearance: Pretty, but not overly gorgeous, with an easy smile. She takes after her mother's side of the family, with straight black hair, blue eyes and somewhat delicate features. Aggie's rather short, with wide hips and naturally small waist. On top of that, she's heavily pregnant.
    Personality: Easygoing, talkative, and stubborn. Patient, but only to an extent. She has the tempers from both parents combined, and is not afraid to use it. Unashamed about the fact that she's going to be an unwed mother, and has for the most part recovered from her assault that brought the child to being with little scarring. Swears a lot. Her speech is peppered with the traditional language of her bayou home life and the Gaelic of her father's side of the family. She can speak only a little of her father's language, and when agitated or excited has a tendency to slip into Cajun and swear in Gaelic. She often plays with an old set of wooden worry beads when nervous.
    Special skills: Great shot. Playing the fiddle. Cooking, especially spicy food. Nasty left cross.
    Weaknesses: Music. Can get caught up in worrying about her future child.
    Fears: Not being a good mother. Being found again by the baby's father, even though it's nigh on impossible.
    Likes: Exceedingly strong tea. Lilacs. Cooking. Playing music. Anything spicy.
    Dislikes: Bland food. Close-mindedness. Being helpless.

    History: The only child of Marie Du Lac of Blackwater Bayou, and Finnegan Kilpatrick, who had recently settled in the bayou from the chilly, hard-scrabble Borderlands. Marie's family owned a tavern, and Finn was a prominent and rising member of the local Watch. They loved each other, and when they learned they were with child, immediately got married. Agnes's childhood was blissful and loud, filled with strangers and locals from the tavern and her innumerable family. She learned to play fiddle from an old uncle, and found herself quite good at it.  Both parents fostered it heartily, along with whatever else caught her fancy. Archery was another thing she decided she loved, and she became proficient at that, too.

    She was ten when her parents died. Her mother had gone out to the watch post to bring her father a lunch bucket, when they and Finn's partner got caught in a bandit's raid. No one survived and Aggie was sent off to live with her Aunt and her family. Neither Aggie or Babbette Lacroix were happy with this situation.

    Babbette, Marie's older sister, had gone and left Blackwater Bayou by marrying a noble's son, trading her home for one that had style, class, status in the nearby and quite large city of Osprey. She didn't want anything to do with her little sister's upstart spawn or the reminders that brat carried with her, but it was always known that should something happen, Babbette was the one who would take care of Agnes.

    They lived in the same grand house, but unless Babette trotted her out to play fiddle for parties, they tried their best to avoid each other. Aggie often wandered the bustling city they resided in, often playing with the children of the Watchmen that her father knew. She made quite a few friends, started more than a few fights, and when she was old enough, started to give fiddle lessons. It gave her some coin to spend, she loved it and the kids she used worked with, and annoyed her aunt, who thought that Ladies shouldn't work.

    Things were nice, and Aggie was saving for a room or even a small house of her own. One night when Fall was about to bleed into winter, that changed. She was grabbed from behind and dragged into an alleyway and assaulted. She woke hours after dusk, her clothes torn and she herself bruised and battered so she could hardly walk home. Her Aunt immediately sent for the Watch, and for the first time ever, Aggie and her aunt agreed: No one should know about what had happened.

    Weeks passed and Aggie's body healed. Luck was on her side and no memories of the assault rose to torment her. However, it became obvious that Aggie was with child, something that startled everyone involved, and gave the Watch a clue towards finding her attacker: if she had caught pregnant, than her attacker had to be of the same species. Not the rat or weasel her aunt had expected, but a mouse.

    After that came to light, Babbette called for a healer or apothecary to help rid Aggie of her burden, but Aggie refused. She knew she didn't have to live with such a reminder, but took the view that neither she nor the unborn baby asked for this to happen. The baby shouldn't be punished for the crime it's father committed. What ensued was a blistering fight. Babbette then promptly kicked the maid out of her house, though she sent with her a pack stuffed with rations and a few changes of clothes and one or two baubles that could be traded for services the girl might need. Angry and distraught, she went to a tavern to think about where she might go. She met another young lady there, and they sat down and talked through most of the night. Taking her new friend's advice, she decided to explore a bit before settling someplace. Izzy had talked about Mossflower with a sense of fondness, and Aggie had always wanted to see it anyway.

    Love Interest: None. She's got enough on her plate in her opinion. But when a handsome fox or mouse crosses paths with her, she's not going to stop herself from looking. She's pregnant, not dead.

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