Zarusha Jett

  • Full Name: Elder Zarusha Jett

    Species: Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

    Age: About 44 years.

    Alignment: Neutral, sometimes Good.

    Height: 6' 00" (1.8 m)

    Weight: 178 lbs (81 kgs)

    Job: Elder of the Jettfox tribe

    Description:  Zarusha is a tall, slender, and exotic-looking fox. Her fur is a pale orange-brown, with a brush tipped with white that has a ring of light brown on the very end.  Her muzzle is graying slightly, and her eyes are a shade of medium green not uncommon for a fox.
      Her regalia is typical for a vixen healer of her high standing:  A long dark blue blouse overlaid with a short cloak of ocher and brown striped fabric.  The hem and collar of this cloak are hung with tassels woven with wooden and bone beads.  At her belt hangs a variety of belt pouches together with a decorative woven eelskin scabbard for her straight, tapered sword of average size.  Adorning her right wrist is a bangle of carven alder wood, and she also wears several rings of silver on her fingers of both paws, four of the lightly-ridged, thin metal beast-decorations. They mark her status as an Elder; having four is the second-highest honor of her tribe–the Chieftain of course has five.

    Possessions: Her medicine kit, her straight sword, a weapon called a dartsling or plumbata, the jewelry she wears, and her underground den in the west of Mossflower.

        - Expert healer and herbalist
        - Trained tracker and hunter
        - Intelligent and well-respected
        - Has proficiency in sword skills and use of sling weapons

        - Greatly dislikes heights
        - Grows tired easily
        - Difficult to bargain with

        Zarusha is very much a leader, confident in her abilities and wise in her judgement.  She prefers to negotiate rather than fight, but is not afraid to do battle if she has to.  Her strictness and skepticism against youngbeasts is legendary, and it would not be very smart to challenge her without a good, rational argument. At first the vixen seems cerebral and cold, but once you get past her outer shell of responsibility she can be rather generous and selfless.  Among her own tribe she is most certainly a positive influence, but she can be rather antagonistic to other creatures, especially if she does not think they are taking her seriously.  This is something she balks at and is very unused to.

        Born and raised in a small tribe of hunter and forager foxes called the Jettfox Clan, which now resides in the westernmost reaches of Mossflower.  Zarusha was only a cub, but she still recalls how her family and the rest of her tribe came to be there.
        Once the Jettfox Clan lived farther east, in Mossflower Proper near the River Moss.  One of the foxes of their tribe got into a heated long-term quarrel with some otters and shrews, and that was where the trouble started.  Eventually the argument came to blows, and two otters ended up dead along with the instigating fox.  The otters and shrews, never minding that one of their "foes" had ended up dead as well, retaliated, driving the Jettfox Clan out of their ancestral homes. 
        Fast-forward forty seasons.  Zarusha is now an elder of the Jettfoxes, powerful and respected not to mention skilled.  Though she has tried to move on past these old events something about it still makes her bitter.  It is now her goal in life to reclaim the old hunting grounds, and she's not afraid to fight for what belongs rightfully to her tribe.  Otters beware.

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