• Full Name: Berus

    Species: White-tailed Eagle

    Age: Equivalent to 34 years.

    Alignment: Good (though some may disagree…)

    Height: Standing about 7'3", Wingspan nearly 25 ft

    Weight: Close to 300 lbs, light for her size, but then again she is a bird of flight.

    Job: She's... an eagle, so...

    Description: A magnificent bird, sleek and well-preened at all times. Her plumage is a kaleidoscope of dark sepia, auburn, and especially white squarish blotches. The only exceptions are her tail and wingtips, which are pure snowy white, her chest, which is dun-colored, and two lines of short black feathers beneath her fierce golden eyes. Though she is a large bird she appears even larger due to her thick feathers.  Her beak and scaly legs are a brownish-orange hue. Her talons are the color of tar and are sharp as daggers, and her beak is like a pair of huge, curved shears. She is free of scars or special marks of any kind, but wears a chain medallion about her neck inscribed with an image of a coiled adder.

    Possessions: Only her medallion. She needs little else.

        - Flight
        - Eagle sight
        - Awesome sense of direction
        - Impressive and intimidating appearance

        - Cannot carry objects more than a quarter of her weight in flight.
        - Must be hypercarnivorous
        - Cannot wield any paw-weapons

        This is an eagle of few words, never chattering unnecessarily if she can help it.  Proud, loyal and brave, the only reason she kills anybeast is for sustenance and on principle. However quiet she is, she cannot seem to stay silent whenever evil beasts are near, which she seems to have an uncanny ability to detect regardless of specie.

        Berus was born in the far north lands, on a mountain ruled by eagles like herself. The eggchick of a lowly member of the eagle eyrie, she was never treated quite fairly as the royal youngsters were waited on beak and talon while the others who did not have such noble blood had to settle for scraps.  Her mother, one of the mightiest of the eagle fighters, was not satisfied with this and challenged the selfish eagle king to a duel for rulership, but lost due to the king cheating using a metal spur hidden in his primary feathers.  As Berus's mother was bleeding to death, she secretly passed her only offspring a small silver medallion, hanging on a brass chain and inscribed with a symbol rather like a coiled adder ready to strike.

    Immediately after this, the king's subjects took hold of young Berus and threw her from he eagles' eyrie, as her family had been dishonored by the defeat and by the white-tailed eagles' law must be banished.  Berus wondered why her mother had given her such a medallion; a serpent is such an unorthodox symbol of greatness.  Pondering its meaning, she flew to a place where adders were known to dwell, a sandstone bluff in the midst of some woodland. There she was surprised by what she observed: The adders, though at first troubled and alarmed at her presence, eventually got used to her watching them and never once did harm to her.  Berus found this to be contrary to how her old folk lived, always challenging each other's honor and dueling to the death for little to no reason.  Berus only ever observed the serpents killing when a creature threatened them directly when they had no escape and when they needed food (this was not off-putting in the least for an eagle; she was used to this fact of life already). It was then she realized the message her mother had been trying to send to her, and forever after that Berus has followed the example of the adders, living in their quietly peaceful way, possessing great power but never using it in vain.

    (Awaiting approval, since eagles are restricted or something? Whoever does that, however that works. Thank ye.)

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