Kidje the Thief

  • Full Name: Kidje (That's KEED-JEH, not KIDJ) Floatpaw, the Thief

    Species: Black Rat (rattus rattus)

    Age: About 24 years.

    Alignment: Neutral

    Height: 5' 8" (1.72 meters)

    Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)

    Job: Thief, occasional beggar.

    Description: A typical-looking rat, not very tall, but also not runty either. He is lithe and wiry–not very strongly built. His fur is not black as his species suggests, but more of a grayish-yellowish brown, like the color of old damp straw. His garb is simple and somewhat ragged: cork sandals, dark brown barkcloth trousers, a frayed tan tunic with a gabardine waistcoat of the same color. He wears no jewels, only woven flax armbands with tiny cowrie shells in them. His eyes are dark brown, almost black, and set a bit too far apart on his clearly rattish face. His tail is spindly-looking and thin. It is a darker brown than the rest of him. All in all, he is very hard to notice due to his exceptional plainness.

    Possessions: His armbands, his loot satchel containing varying degrees of purloined items, and his only weapons--a dagger with a slightly rusted handle and a wooden bolas. Other than these he is item-less.

        - Highly stealthy
        - Keen eyesight
        - Fairly good at guessing games
        - Good swimmer
        - Knows when to get the heck out of Dodge

        - Physically weak
        - Phobia of things made of velvet.
        - Also afraid of hares (for good reason)
        - Can't rhyme or sing to save his life
        - Only barely literate

        Kidje is a nervous creature, always worrying about one thing or another. While this may be advantageous given his... career choice, it is not a particularly good trait for decsision making, as he second-guesses himself frequently. He cannot stand staying still for long periods of time and this makes him easy to irritate. Once he's doing something, his focus is intense, and it infuriates him if he's interrupted while in this idiom. On a positive note, Kidje is somewhat non-violent for a thief, never harming his victims directly (just nicking their stuff). If anybeast threatens him he's a bit of a coward. He prefers to always take the easy path.

        Kidje was born to sea rats in a land slightly south of Mossflower. Despite the ills his parents had committed in their lives, they tried to raise their young one as best they could, or as best they knew how. Kidje was always frustrated growing up, never having anything, always being avoided by goodbeast neighbors, and not believing that his mother and father really cared about him all that much.  When Kidje turned 14 his parents joined a horde which was moving through the area, fired up at the thought of plenty of plunder and loot to live out the rest of their days on. Leaving Kidje to fend for himself for a few seasons at their meager abode, they marched off. Three seasons passed, then four, and frustrated Kidje set out to find out where his parents had gone. To Salamandastron, it turns out, where they were slain in an invasion attempt. Kidje heard all this from a kingfisher that lived in a valley near the mountain of the fire lizard for a while. After that, Kidje's life is history: He moved to the easy lands of Mossflower, surviving on kind creatures' donations and pilfered supplies jointly.

    Current Threads:
        -Banditry For Dummies (Mossflower, Path to Redwall)

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