• Nickname: Ivory/Ive
    Full Name: Ivory the Wander
    Species: Fennec fox
    Age: Young adult, about 19 years old
    Alignment: Natural leaning towards good
    Job: No job but she will help in any way she can at whatever place she stops at
    Description: Albino with blue eyes (there is a name for this can’t remember what it is), on the small side for her species (9.5 inches with a 7 inch tail), and weighs about 2.2 pounds. Wears a light blue tunic tied with a grey sash/belt and a dark grey hooded cloak. Has a scar on the left side of her muzzle/face and tip of her right ear is missing. Diet is mostly vegetarian.
    Possessions: A walking staff and dagger
    Strengths: Not sure if this counts as a strength but she does have good hearing (can hear underground sounds) Also can go a long time without water.
    Weaknesses: Can’t swim (she was raised in a desert) and not a fighter (her dagger is used for preparing her food and she doesn't think of using her staff as a weapon)
    Personality: Normally shy, but with a sense of humor, hates it when another is teased because they are different. Also can be helpful almost to a fault and she doesn't like having nothing to do.
    Background: Ivory was born in the far South Desert (Sahara Desert), where she's from albinos are seen as bad luck and are normally killed, however her sire/father decided to hide her instead for reasons unknown (theory is he didn't want to lost a part of his mate). Ivory was raised on plant food since it was easier to sneak that kind to her. After a few season the chief of her clan (the Watergiver) found out about her and drove her out of the clan and she's been traveling since then.

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