Public Enemy (open)

  • "Fifty." The old hare called out. "Fifty and counting." Surrounding beasts gasped in disbelief.
    "Surely you can't be serious. Fifty? And Counting? That's how many creatures he's killed?" A skeptic guard, Evensworth, said.
    "No, that's how many bodies we've found, he's killed many more than fifty." The old hare said.
    "A single rat couldn't have possibly-"
    "He did do it." The old hare cut off Evensworth. There was much murmuring in the room full bounty hunters and lawmen. This was a metting in an encampment of mercs, warriors, bounty hunters and others of the kind. They were all brought together by the killings that have been going across the lands.
    "Well wat's the bloody vermin's name then?" A diffrent voice called out…. There was a pause of silence as the old hare shuttered and took in a deep breath. "His name... His name is a curse that plagues us... His name is of that of a creature who's soul is dead... He is." The old hare shook his head. "His name is Kazack. Kazack Griplar." Heads turned and look in confusion. None of them had heard his name. Others had, but just thought it was all exaggerations.
    "Well then...  who's going after him?" The old hare asked. "There is a large bounty on him."

  • The small pine martin could have gone unnoticed if she had wished. But there was a large bounty to be had and that was good incentive. The amount that the rat had killed wasn't worryingly large. At least for her. Land beasts were usually unfamiliar with the acts of atrocities that went on at the coast. There were some that made this rat sound like a ammature. However, the fact that he had gotten away with it and nobody had laid a finger on him bespoke of his skills. Not that it would have made it any more difficult for her, the Silentdeath. One time princess, now a revered assassin for hire. Her assassin clan had been ambushed by those accursed…Kilena shook that thought from her mind, anger flashing from her green eyes. She straightened her black leather tunic and stepped forward. Even among a gathering like this, many would probably be taken aback by the un-lady like tunic and leggings she wore. She didn't care though. She couldn't very well kill anyone in a dress. She called out, "I'll take him. Sounds like a bloody nuisance to me. Where was he last known to be?"

  • The surrounding beasts murmured, some scoffed at the maiden. The old hare raised his paw to silence the crowd. "Oh come now. A dainty like you would get slaughtered." Evensworth said disapprovingly.
    "Show some respect Evensworth!" The elder hare snapped at the young guard. "Young miss, you're taking on perhaps the most dangerous creature to ever roam these lands." The elder hare, put his paw under his chin and thought deeply. "It'll be nigh suicide for you to do this alone. I'll grant you the bounty, but I highly suggest you find someone to fight with you. As to where he was last sighted was along the road heading east, to the shore. He isn't hard to track, but that is a deliberate act on Kazack. If you find his trail, don't follow it directly. More safe to go in the general direction." The old hare finished. "Be on your toes miss. This rat isn't rational." He added.

  • Kilena flicked her wrist, a stiletto slid out and in a flash she was in front of Evensworth, the tip of the circular weapon at his throat. "A dainty you say?" she murmured in a silky voice. "I've assassinated and killed more beasts than probably half the beasts here." She flicked her wrist again and the stiletto slid back into place. Kilena winked at Evensworth good-naturedly before turning back to the elderly hare. "Most vermin tend not to be rational." She strode forward till she was next to the hare and turned around. She raised her voice, "I tend to travel alone, however, I am willing to take one beast with me to allay his…anxiousness. Anybody want to take down this most dangerous beast." Kilena winced inwardly. Maybe the most dangerous beast part was a bit too thick. Kazack seemed like a run-of-the-mill vermin murderer but you never knew...

  • Clunk… clunk... clunk... The sound of a peg leg hitting the wooden ground caused everyone to look at the figure coming to the front. The figure's crooked tail swished to and fro behind him, his paws in the pocket of a dusty trench coat. As his face finally came into view he spoke. "I'll join you."
    As Evensworth grabbed his throat and made silent curses at Kilena, he said. "And who in bloody blazes are you rat?"
    "Evensworth!" The old scowled at the young guard. After a huff the old hare spoke. "Don't mind Evensworth, he's young and foolish." The hare inhaled and asked in a much more respectful tone asked. "Who are you, kind sir, that is volunteering to aid the miss in this quest?" There was an unusual pause as the rat nodded in respect at the old hare and Kilena.
    "My name's Dester, please to make your aquaintmenship."

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    Near the rear of the grouping of mercenaries, assassins for hire, and other assorted beasts who had gathered to hear the price on the rat Kazack's head stood a mole.  He had his flop hat tipped ever so slightly down, in front of his black, beady eyes.  A lark feather stood up from the band like a proud little flag.  The mole, too, looked especially jubilant, a smirk on his black velvety face.  He toyed with a long skinning knife that seemed more appropriate for the rat murderer himself to be carrying than a well-dressed mole.

    "Eeheehee," he snickered at the interaction between marten maiden and young hare.  Then the mole glanced keenly over at a rat who had stepped up to speak to the older hare running this meeting. "Dester, ey?" The mole snickered again, "Dester an' Kilena, urr aye.  Them's the loik t'at could bring ee narsty ratten daown!" He muttered to himself.  Keeping a cunning eye on the proceedings, the renowned cheat and vagabond crook settled down to watch, and resolved to follow whoever was most likely to encounter Kazack Griplar. He himself was not truly interested in seeing the rodent dead.  But watching him die may be a fun thing to see.  Personally, the vile mole hoped it would be Kilena who was chosen.  She seemed a bloodthirsty enough candidate.  She would make the spectacle more… entertaining.

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    BIC: Kilena assessed Dester quickly. At first glance he would appear to be useless, with his peg leg. She was an asssasin and wanted someone swift and silent. Looking closer, she saw the underlying danger of the rat. Kilena nodded once and winked, slipping into a playful female role. "Nice to meet you, Dester. I hope we get along well." Kilena figured that Dester would get the message. By saying, "get along well" she was referring to his leg and asking how fast he could go. She was trying to preserve his dignity and hoped he would respond in kind so that she could get a handle on his speed and ability to move.

    A sixth sense told Kilena that someone was watching her closely…too closely. She flicked her eyes over the crowd, trying to discern who was gazing at her. She snorted to herself. Everybody was looking at her...oh well.

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    BIC: Dester chuckled lightly at Kilena's greeting. "I'm sure will get along just fine." He smiled at her.

    Evensworth couldn't help but make another crack at the two. "Well that's jest great. We got peggy the pirate an' a miss with a knife goin' after our most wanted. Marty! Make two more cas-AHH!!!" The hare screamed girlishly as a cleaver thunked close to his head.

    "You done yet?" Dester asked coyly. The rat waltzed over to the cleaver and yanked it out of the wood. "Be thankful I wasn't aiming Evensworth." Dester muttered to the guard. "So Kilena, are ya ready to go after this villain?"

    The old hare motioned Evensworth to leave the room. "I do wish you two the best of luck on your endeavor. There are supplies ready for you out side and please… do be carefull.

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    Teoumm couldn't see too much over the heads of the taller beasts, but he knew that the party charged with tracking the murderer down was soon to leave.  Slinkily he pushed and elbowed his way free of the crowd, bumping otters and foxes, causing mild warning glances from squirrels and stoats.

    "'Old on, 'scuse oi," he repeated as he moved to the edge of the premises. Here he could more easily keep track of his interests' direction of travel, allowing him to creep up behind them none the wiser.  But if anybeast questioned him he wasn't worried.  Nobeast suspects a mole of underhand dealings or trickery.  They certainly wouldn't be too alarmed if a well-to-do looking mole just happened to be going in the same direction…

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    Kilena smirked at the high-pitched scream. Not even she screamed that high. She frowned. "When have I ever screamed?" she thought before dismissing it. "I'm very ready to go, now that my…er, question has been resolved." Kilena threw a withering glance at Evansworth. "Let us depart." Kilena turned on her heel and began to walk east, not bothering to look behind her. As she walked, she turned to Dester. "Well, seeing as we'll be bounty-hunting partners for some time, what if we swap pasts?" Kilena generally liked to get to know the people around her and their past but rarely told anyone the truth about hers.

  • "Hm." Dester huffed swishing his tail. "I've never been the one to talk about my past, but I suppose I could answer a few queries about m' self." The corsair pulled his cleaver out and rubbed the wood particles off on his coat. "Feel free to fire away Miss Kilena." The rat holstered his weapon. "May get some intresting answers, ya know." He said playfully to his companion.

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    One beast in particular had been listening, but hadn't really spoken up. A very tall, well dressed and groomed silver fox sat off to the side, taking note of the beasts who had volunteered to go after this….Kazack. ~Even I haven't heard the name before, and I have been all over Mossflower...~ The silver fox flinched at the scream the hare gave off, rubbing his ears. ~For the love of all things holy that was loud!~ Shaking his head, the fox stood up, then began approaching the small 'hunting party'.

  • Kilena delicately hopped over a log and said, "Well, let's see…who did you sail under?" She smirked. "I may have killed him." She eyed him inquisitively. "Unless you were the captain." Without turning, she called behind her. "And you, the rather well-dressed fox, if you want to come with us, then get up here. I don't like beasts being behind me. Stay there if you want a knife in your eye." Kilena pulled out a dagger and toyed with it menacingly.

  • The corsair laughed lightly at Kilena's remark. "Miss, I don't think ye were killin' for pay when my old captain had his neck slit. As for me being a captain, hardly." Dester didn't bother giving a glance to their follower. "I'd listen to her sonny, this girl don't play around." The rat stepped over the log with no trouble. "An' I ain't the one ya wanna spook." He added.

  • Teoumm chose his moment to step out very cautiously.  Bumbling and looking for all the words like some innocent, sheltered rube, he tripped out from behind the shade of an alder tree and staggered back as if to allow the three hunters to pass.
    "Hurr, turrible sorry if'n oi tripped ee up," he apologized profusely, slipping readily into a heavy moleish accent, "Et seems we be agoin' the same way.  Do ee mind turribly if a pore honest moler tags along with the loiks of ee guidbeasts?" He glanced warily into the brush, as if the murderous rat would pop out for another slaughter, "Urr… ee woods be a dangerous place furr me..."

  • The fox arched an eyebrow at Kilena. He didn't seem to be the slightest bit intimidated. It seemed like he was….amused? "I assure you, there's nothing to fear from little old me, ma'am." Little seemed to be a huge understatement. The fox was about to step forward, when all of a sudden, a mole of all things stepped out of the forest in front of him, causing the fox's paw to lunge to the hilt of his sword. He relaxed a little as the mole spoke, but still didn't take his paw off of the sword. ~Greeeaaat....~

  • Despite the fact a number of creatures had already stumbled upon the little group, they were not the last. From the other direction of those hunting Kazack came another hunter. Alastor Eriel, as he believed fate had deemed, was destined to hunt his hated enemy, the pine marten Lysistra, until one of them was dead. He hadn't seen her in years, but he had clues. There was a trail, and he would never give up.

    He saw the small group of beasts talking from a distance and stopped about thirty feet away to survey them. In the main group, closest to him, there was a rat, a pirate by looks of him, and a mole. Neither were very respectable looking creatures, but they didn't mean much to Alastor. Perhaps if he had the element of surprise he would have attack right away, but that was lost by his obvious approach. The stoat turned his attention to the two others, a large fox on the far side of the small party from him, and a female mustelid who had her back to Alastor to face the fox. With her back turned, he couldn't tell exactly what species she was, but by her weapons and dress, he guessed she was a warrior. She was the one who interested Alastor the most, so he focused his cold gaze on her, waiting for her to turn.

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