Nickname:  Alexander

Full Name: Alexander of Macedon

Species: Fox

Alignment: Neutral

Age: 25

Job: Mercenary

Description: He has brown fur green eyes, usually has a blank expression.  No scars to speak of.  He wears a simple tunic when not wearing his armor. He is taller than the average fox.

Possessions: Sarrisa, Brass Hoplon, Hoplite Sword, Corinthian Helmet, Brass Hoplite Armor,  Dagger

    - Great At Close Combat
    - Good Negotiator
    - Good Stamina
    - Dislikes Ranged Implements
    - Can't Swim

From the picture in the ShoutBox, I assume he is a warrior of some kind.

So part of your history could be how he came to be a warrior. Was he trained for it at a young age? If so, by who? If not, why is he a warrior? Could be be a Merc?
Use your imagination.

Strengths, would obviously be fighting…but what kind of fighting? hand-to-hand? long-range?
By the picture I would assume he is better at close range (strength) then at long distance (weakness)
With the armour on, I don't think he could swim very well which could be another weakness.
Does he used strategy, or is he good with words. Depending on your answer, they could be either strengths or weaknesses.

He is a Hoplite which means he uses a large sarrisa, or pike, and a sword for close combat.

Yes, I gathered.
Which means his a close-range fighter (strength), which also means he probably has a weakness in long-range fighting.

I wrote he dislikes ranged weapons

but not his strength in close-range weapons…

I was trying to figure out how to word it.

and what do you think of the other suggestions? Do they spark anything?

Not really, though I have never been good at engineering my character's past except one.

Added another weakness.

being vulnerable to arrows isn't really a weakness of the character.
Almost everyone would be vulnerable to arrows

Weakness are like personal flaws, more then anything.

Oh. Well, then, merf.

weaknesses are things such as not being trained (or suck) at things like long-range fighting, making rash decisions before thinking things out, being near/far sighted…

strengths are things that the character is good at such as short-range fighting, climbing, swimming...

We've already determined he hates ranged weapons, can't swim, and is great at close combat.

That leaves five blanks including background.

Would charismatic count as a strength?

Is anyone listening? I guess not.

You are impatient. Give people some time to come up with some ideas.
All you really have is the general stuff.

charismatic is akin to charm. Being that he's a warrior or solider, I don't think he'd have the charm of say a Nobel or some such.

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