• Name-Sylvakryst

    Nickname-Commmonly goes by Sylva, although he's used aliases such as Snow or Mist before.

    Species-Red Fox

    Description-Significantly bigger than the average male red fox his age, Sylvakryst gets his name from his light gray and white fur. A vulpine of astounding size, the young male towers over virtually everyone (He'd probably be around 7'3 or so in feet); exceeded in height only by a badger or wolverine. His eyes are bichromatic, one being a light, misty gray, while the other one is a rich, deep sapphire. He is young, roughly 29 in human years. His body is well muscled, but not hulking, with the build of a warrior. A scar is present on his face, travelling down from the upper left of his forehead to the lower right of his jaw. He has white gloves, socks and a white tail tip like, similar to most other vulpines. His tail is slightly longer than normal in proportion to the rest of him.

    Personality-Sylvakryst is reserved, polite, and level headed. However he has a very emotional core, and has another, less inhibited side to him that usually won't come out except around close friends, or in moments of high stress. Sylva is unusual (amongst stereotypical foxes anyways) in that he has a code of honor, and a strong belief in justice. He rarely lets his emotions get the better of him, instead channeling them constructively. The young fox is also very loyal. Once he calls you friend, you would have to do something truly horrible to break his trust. He is compassionate, willing to go out of his way to help strangers for nothing in return. However he is very fiery if someone should take advantage of his kindness. Sylva has a passion for books, good food, and good-natured sport.

    Strengths- Sylva is an outstanding hand-to-hand combatant, strong, fast, and surprisingly agile for a beast his size. He is proficient with most melee weapons, although he favors his sword, shield, and body. Sylva is a highly intelligent individual, and learns quickly. He is learned in various disciplines, being proficient in the basics of most of them (medical, blacksmithing, metallurgy, tracking, foraging, architecture) , an expert of a few (cooking, history, strategy and tactics) , and a master of one (swordsmanship). Sylva also posses nerves of steel, and an iron will.

    Weaknesses- Sylva has a hard time getting over his mistakes, particularly if it gets someone hurt. He will struggle with feelings of guilt for some time after the incident occurred. Although he keeps it hidden very well, the fox has a deep fear of dark, murky water. He is also prone to nightmares, and deep bouts of melancholy.

    Possessions-a signet ring, carved to depict a fox head in front of a nine pointed star, with diamonds and sapphires along the band, a longsword of very elegant design, with writing carved along the center of the blade and a black leather hilt, with the handle being unusually long for a sword of this type, long enough to be wielded two-handed if need be, and has a noticeably longer than average blade. He keeps a medallion, depicting a fox head in front of a nine pointed star, with a smaller four pointed star at the tip of each arm of the main one, hidden under his tunic. The clothes he wears are a rich, deep navy blue tunic with silver vine pattern embroidery, a simple black leather belt with small pouch on it, and pieces of an incomplete suit of armor, namely a pair of greaves, gauntlets, a gorget, and a cuirass designed to cover the back as well as the front. The fox also has a few books he likes to read in his spare time, as well as a simple cloak, heavy enough to keep him from freezing in winter but light enough to not roast him in summer. A medium sized shield is usually strapped to his back, of a tri-angular design (think the stereotypical knight shield), albeit with the point enlongated and the edges sharpened. No designs or heraldry covers the outer side. Instead, it has been polished to give it an almost mirror-like sheen.

    Background-Not much is known about Sylvakryst. From what few beasts that have seen him know, he is a wandering swordbeast. Some believe him to be a mercenary, some a simple wanderer, or even an outcast noble. The travelling fox doesn't stay in one place too long, usually only a day, maybe two. Sylvakryst is usually gone before whoever offered him sanctuary awakens. Maybe he's running from something…Maybe not. Whatever the case, if one were to look closely at his eyes, they would see the haunted look in his eyes. Currently, he has been seen in Mossflower country, heading towards Redwall Abbey. Only Sylvakryst himself knows why.

  • Ohhhhh. He's mysterious. I rather like him, I do.

  • Hey, thanks. 🙂 I'm still wondering if he needs a bit of refinement though.

  • Maybe you just need to break him in a bit.

  • That could be it. I was planning on using him for the story arc rp currently being discussed at the moment, so that should help.

  • oh, cool. If you wanted to use him a little more, I'm always up for a little non-arc roleplaying.

  • Sure thing. 🙂 Hmm…any ideas, perhaps? I'm a little rusty, so I'm fresh out. n.n;

  • This young girl would either get along famously with him or bicker with him in the most extraordinary way. Perhaps a bit of both.

  • Sounds like a plan. Perhaps Sylvakryst is wandering through her town on his way to Mossflower.

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