Thead Activity Rules

  • 1. (A) The limit is set at 2 threads per character.
        (B) Unless said charater is a main character (such as badger lord) and requires an 
              appearence in a thrid thread

    2. (A) If inactive for 1 month, a member gives up their rights to their character, for
              whichever thread that character is involved with, until such time they return.
        (B) However if said memeber gives notice, they can choose if their character gets omited,
              or taken control of, and who takes control of the charater.
        (C) And if member gives proper reasoning, other members can choose to wait it out for no
              more than 2 months, before something is done.

    3. (A) If a thread has been inactive for 4 months, it is considered dead, and if members
              choose to, they may use characters from the now dead thread in new active threads.
        (B) However, given proper reasoning, a thread is considered dead after 6 months.

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