Pen's Monthly Quickplay

  • OOC: This is a Sci-Fi thread, so go hogwild on the crazy techno-jargin if you feel so inclined.

    Five thousand years in the future, the kingdom of Eselbrador has broken the confining bonds of gravity and spread out across the heavens. Three hundred lightyears from its original star system (Red's Leg) the Intersolar Empire of Whitedeath has built a trading post space station orbiting a red giant. Gosh darn it though, their timing just stinks because a hundred years since it was built, about twelve hours from now, the star will complete its life cycle and condense into a black hole!

    To add insult to injury, a pandemic has been sweeping this arm of the galaxy, known as the Pax Virus. The Pax Virus overcharges both the immune system and the latent animal instincts of the host, creating an easily enraged, very hard to kill beast-man (or elf, or dwarf). The majority of the crew aboard the station have been infected, leaving only a few scattered survivors.

    There is a Light Speed Shuttle (L.S.S.) in the ship bay, representing the survivors' best bet of escape, but first there is the problem of getting there. Our adventure begins in the snack room, where a few survivors have barricaded themselves.

  • I look around for snacks.

  • Icicle finds a bag of chocolate candies in between the cushions of the old, olive green couch sitting against one wall. Icicle has recieved one bag of M&M2s.

  • I steal the M&Ms.

  • I um… avoid having my M&M2s stolen?

  • Chaos and criminal activity run rampant among the survivors. Icicle valiently fights to protect his prize. A childish, petty squabble ensues. Oh the humanity!

  • I check outside for enemies. Like a SENSIBLE person.

  • Fenrath peeks between the vending machines jammed against the doorway leading to the hallway. The hallway peeks back at him, then growls and tries to claw his eyes out to no avail. The only door out of the room is thoroughly blocked off.

  • I attempt to break Ivan's wrist in order to recover my snack.

  • Icicle uses his kick-arse judo skillz to finish the squabble. He grabs Ivan's wrist and heaves the thief up and over his shoulder, slamming him into the ground like a big 'ol sack of flour.

  • I pocket my snack in order to protect it from further thievery. "Hey Fenrath, why don't you just stick your arm between those vending machines, Genius!" I call out.

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