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  • Some have noticed a slip in Redwall specific RP and more threads towards OOC topics and Non-Trad RPs.
    This is a reminder that the purpose of this site is for "Redwall specific RPs," so lets try and get back to that.

    We do have a StoryArc in process, However that has also slipped due to inactivity (though, it is summer vacation).
    If anyone can get ahold of:

    • Arra (Foweller) - needed for RP
    • TJ - needed because she is in charge of the StoryArc

    An idea is that we start up a few RP threads that are related to the StoryArc but having nothing to do with the main plot, such as:

    • A thread in or around Mossflower. In the StoryArc most hares and the badger lord from Salamandastron for a feast, so news of the feast would be well known.
    • A thread maybe somewhere in or around Salamandastron, or anyother place. The news of Ulath's horde attempting and/or succeeding in the capture of Salamandastron. There would probably be some backlash for all vermin/goodbeasts.

  • Indeed, I've been itching to join some rps despite my sporadic presence but nothing's moving and no new rps are firing up. I'd start some myself but I appear to have a history of dry topics.

    I believe part of the issue is that we have people who join and only stick around for a couple weeks then disappear never to be heard from again leaving the topics they've joined at a stand still. Longevity of the members is key to keeping things rolling.

    I don't intend to deter anyone from rping because they don't know how often they'll be around I just ask they please stick around. It gets lonely on here dropping in everyday to see only one name in the Users Online list.

  • yeah i've noticed,  all of the threads i'm in at the moment are at a standstill due to inactivity.

  • I'll take a look around and see where I need to post.  Time willing, I'd really like to join a story-arc like one of those that was mentioned.

  • Global Moderator

    I think the lack of activity on this site is my fault more than anything. Because of the filter, of course, but all of you already knew that.

  • Well TJ is back. Sorry summer has been super busy. BUT I am ready to get the story arc back into action. But I need all of your help!

  • Quite happy to post again, with willow.

    Though, saddened by the fact most of the Midnight Blades don't appear to be around anymore.

  • Yay, the clans were a good idea, but members were not active enough to have 4 or even 3, so we kinda just scraped it.

  • I'm pretty sure I was one of the big troublemakers, starting all sorts of non-redwall threads. Sorry about that; I'll try to get back on topic.

  • My problem, with any rp, is that I've become….burnt out, I guess would be the appropriate term. I used to love rping, but for some reason it just kind of went....poof. Up in flames. Not because anything bad happened, but mostly because I lost interest. It's not unique to just rping, but affects basically every hobby and activity I do. Hopefully, getting up off my keister and starting this up again will help with that.

  • I was just looking at the stats and the Kingdom of Eselbrador was tenth most posted in board with 436 posts in it.  Non-Traditional RPG was 6th with 912 post in it.

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