• Could ther be a recoder for the story arcs and stories? At the end of a story arc could ther be a recorder that compiles the posts and edits them (with permission from the poster) and then places them in an archive? It would declutter boards a lot and prevent people from adding to subjects that are ten years old. That gets confusing. Perhaps the person who gets consided to have the best writing talent and activity on the site could do it.
       What do ya think?

  • Are ye talkin'  'bout the stories in the RPG threads? If so, I think that's a brilliant idea. Even for other things, it could be a good idea.

  • that is a good idea

  • I also think that thats'a bril idea. Count me in!

  • Hi, TJ. How's it goin'?

  • good!!

  • We currently have a recorder, Barkstripe. His job is slightly different however.
    I don't mind if someone offered to do this, but they would need to get permission from all charra owners involved.
    This has been done many time on other sites, and I have no problem with it.

  • So, do you want me to record what's happening? Like write it all down?

    I'm fine with that if that's what you want? I'm still not 100% sure what my "job" is.

  • I'll PM you on what your "job" fully consists of.

  • Okay, I am now bringing this up again. Since (first of all) I am the new head Admin and Barkstripe has been inactive for a great ime, I would like to reassign this job. We no longer have a recorder and the topic boards are becoming cluttered. Also, there may be issues with people posting in super-old topics and trying to resurrect it. If that happens, the arcs could go wonky. Thus, this job is now up again and anyone with writing talent and an active account.
        What you receive:

    • Moderator Status
    • Your own Title
    • And a branch of the forum dedicated entirely to the articles which you are to edit and post up. That is where you will post topics which you have compiled.
      (I am also posting this in "Positions at Redwall's Legacy")

  • Wait… You said that I was getting the job already. I am probably the most active member on this site, so.... yea. I am not trying to say that in a prideful way, it's just the fact and the recorder needs to be on often. And, you said the the person would at least be a global mod.

    On the subject, could you change the global mod thing so that Cyber can change the home page? It is driving me NUTS!

  • Well, I didn't say that you were going to be Recorder, but I did offer you Global Mod. I'm afraid that you might not be able to handle the Recorder position. It isn't you, it's just that I don't know if you can be on often enough for that.

  • Oh well. Skipper would go well with that right?

  • Yes, you are now Skipper. Congratz. Cyber is now a Global Mod and I am now Recorder. Wolfsbane is in charge of the new story arc, so he is the new Story arc Manager. You need to clear your stuff with him. He 'da man. Put it to 'im 😉

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