Tinsy Stormsight / Canyonbud

  • Nickname: "Stormsight"

    Full Name: Tinsy Stormsight

    Species: Badger

    Description: A smallish female badger, in her early middle age. Is noteable for her reddish-colored stripes, which is apparently caused by genetic erythrism. Tinsy dresses well beyond her actual means, usually in fine cloths and dark colors, and does her best to look as well-groomed as possible no matter what. Her body language switches between icy arrogance and violent temper. On occasion she is noted to carry a short sword, although it is uncertain whether or not she knows how to use it.
    Her only tone of voice is shouting. She is rather badly nearsighted. Tinsy has an unfortunate habit of using excessively long words in normal conversation.

    Possessions: Mostly law books and clothing. Also an otter, Canyonbud (see below), who while not exactly a "possession" is more or less a constant companion. Or servant. Or minion.


    • is incredibly smart, although probably not as brilliant as she thinks she is.
    • completely and utterly certain of her place in the world.
    • public speaking and writing.
    • capable of talking her way out of any situation.


    • absolutely hopeless with any kind of weapon.
    • is, if not completely amoral, definitely about as self-centered as it's possible to get.
    • nearsighted
    • no sense of humor whatsoever.
    • rude, arrogant, somewhat vain.

    Born the oldest of a large litter of badger cubs to a minor lordling in the southern plains. Tinsy was sent away at the age of ten seasons to Redwall Abbey for her education. Here she excelled and went on to study Mossflowerian law. At the end of her studies she became Mossflower's premier, and sole, lawyer.
    After this she went traveling, accompanied by an otter named Canyonbud, who is probably her only friend. She made some money off a few cases, became somewhat reknowned, and decided to defend a vermin warlord named Ragtooth, who was accused of murder. Stormsight lost the case and is now wanted by three warlords. She took refuge in Salamandastron, was not well-recieved, and has lately returned to Redwall Abbey to regroup and recover.


    Nickname: C.

    Full Name: Canyonbud

    Species: otter, unknown variety.

    Description: A very average female otter in build and general appearance. C is brown-furred, tall, lithe, and has reasonably attractive light-brown eyes. Her noteable attribute is that she is absolutely filthy much of the time, due to a deep-rooted fear of bathing. Despite this fear, she is completely willing to dive into any body of water available for a swim, which is rather hard on her clothing. Therefore Canyonbud mainly dresses in tunics in brown or green, or occasionally an ancient and terribly dirty robe from Redwall Abbey.
    She talks incessantly, mostly about nothing. Her most common expression is a blank stare, which she occasionally switches up with a confused frown.

    Possessions: A bow with molding string and a handful of somewhat crooked arrows. Canyonbud is of course incapable of using these; she carries them because Tinsy is of the opinion that they make her look like a competent bodyguard (from a distance.) Canyonbud also owns and operates a rickety wheelbarrow.


    • swimming
      -  eating
      -  sings reasonably well
      -  is very friendly


    • is, uh, not very smart. At all.
    • hopelessly clumsy.
    • illiterate

    Born and raised at Redwall Abbey. Canyonbud attended school here with a "foreign exchange student"; a badger named Tinsy Stormsight. A one-sided and permanent friendship was formed between the two. Canyonbud never managed to learn to read or write, but this hardly mattered, because when Tinsy graduated and became a lawyer, the otter faithfully followed her from Salamandastron to Southsward and back to Redwall.

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