Ragfish Charpall

  • Nicknames: Rags, Chap, Fish

    Name: Ragfish Charpall

    Species: Fieldmouse

    Description: Ragfish is a slightly short mouse with a dark brown coat of fur. Usually wears the average shirt and pants and sometimes wears a light jacket in the autumn and winter. On his back are soot black patches of fur, and a dark scar running across his shoulders.

    Possessions: Rags usually carries a bag with food, drink, and several types of plants. He also carries an ax, normally used for chopping wood. He rarely has any valuable possessions.

    Strengths: He knows a lot about plants, especially different flammable types that he likes to carry. Being a Fieldmouse also aids in being trusted by those who don't know his past. He also knows how to use a variety of pole/ax weapons in a scuffle.

    Weaknesses. Ragfish isn't the strongest beast, and doesn't know paw-to-paw combat. He also can go into slight bouts of stress and nervousness when near a large fire. His scar on his back is also a weak point.

    Background: Not much is known about his life, and he doesn't like discussing it. The only thing known is that his parents were farmers and that they died in a fire when he was young.

    Edited because I didn't like his old name and Charpall  sounds better. Like "Sharp all". Rolls smoother in the mouth.

  • nice character … but how does it act, what his personality like?

  • he's mentally ill and possibly a sociopath?
    kinda sums up his personality and future actions.

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