Basta Ya! (Abierto/Limitado)

  • Take to the rooftops!
    ¡Qué libertad!
    Take advantage!
    ¡Cuán glorioso!

    Rook was free from duties as he finished his alloted work of the season with his uncle. He was free for the rest of the short time that remained in this season. There wasn't too much you could do during the winter, anyway.

    So he took to the roofs, his favorite place. He attributed the need to be on higher ground to some vague wildcat ancestry, but it had never been proven, and it made little difference.

    The cold shingles sapped the heat from Iaruk's wrapped up footpaws as he took a deep breath, surveying any route he might run. He fastened his coat, which hung to below his knees in the back, yet cut off a few inches below the waist in the front. Drawing the fur-lined hood, he flexed his paws and gave a couple low bounces: he was ready.

    Powdery snow flew in the wake of his strong footpaws. The edge of the building approached startlingly fast. Iaruk narrowed his eyes, and hunched down in his run, momentarily throwing his arms back as his right footpaw met with the very corner of the roof.

    A pulse of well rehearsed strength, and Iaruk launched forward towards the next roof, bringing his arms and legs forward for the landing. He nailed it, and rolled out of the landing to stabilize himself on the semi-slippery rooftop. He ran like this for about ten minutes, until he sat down on the edge of a tall building he had designated as his goal.

    Iaruk watched his breath mist in the cold air as he overlooked the city.
    The city was only just big enough to be called that. It was a coastal city in the north, sustained by trading with other lands. Although the city wasn't a flourishing utopia, it was a meeting place for all kinds. 'Vermin' alongside 'goodbeasts' in everyday life, each minding their own business, with very little interspecies tension.

    Iaruk stood back up, and drew his forepaws out of his coat. He was only wearing thin gloves in order to preserve dexterity and grip while he ran. It was time to go again.

    As he turned, he noticed somebeast else on a lower roof. It didn't seem to have much experience roof-running in the snow. The fox started descending toward the shape, unsure of whether it was up here to run in the first place.

  • Cam looked around the snowy street, snow crunching under his footpaws. In each building on the road, there was a store, selling a various amount of goods. But he couldn't find what he was looking for on this block.

    He had traveled up from his stay at a small village southeast from this city, hearing about an item of interest that could be found here.

    As the cold air blew on his face, Camaclue wrapped himself in his thick coat, trying to keep the cold out, and kept moving along the street. None of these shops had what he wanted, so the otter kept moving.

    Soon though, the sound of running footpaws in the snow made him turn to see two beasts running on the rooftops. One seemed to be heading to the lower buildings, the other, running head on.

  • Iaruk jumped down from a ledge and landed on the lower roof where the unknown creature stood. He stepped forward slowly and curiously.

    The shape simply stood there, having ceased its awkward looking movements when it saw Iaruk. As Iaruk got closer, he realized that this creature was pretty tall. If it wasn't for its slender build, he would have guessed young badger.

    "Hello? Who are you? I'm Rook, what are you doing up here?"

    The black shape was a cloaked and hooded creature. Only slight, soft glare reflected off of the creature's eyes giving a very detached, even dead look to its dimly lit face.

    Iaruk drew to about ten feet from this boringly unresponsive figure. The eyes were relatively closer together, so it wasn't a mouse or squirrel, and foxes had a different way standing. This was an otter. Its dark fur had kept the fox from realizing he was seeing its face instead of the shadow of a drawn hood at a distance. Hoods never gave all that much concealment, anyway. Iaruk noticed that not only was the otter standing rigid, that its cloak -and what he saw of its clothing- was way too thin to be out here in the snow.

    "You must be freezing, may I help you?" offered Iaruk, slightly unsettled by this unusual sight.

    This only merited a glance from the stoic figure, as if it only just noticed the youthful fox.

    Suddenly, the cryptic otter turned and darted toward the end of the building. Iaruk decided in a second to give pursuit. This creature was too strange to let go.

    Iaruk grinned and flinched inwardly as he realized that the otter was an excellent roof runner, the awkward movements turning out to be rather precise, and perhaps exotic,  running movements. But one thing wasn't right, the creature was running toward the side of the building that faced the main street! Not even Iaruk liked to take that distance in a leap. He usually would search for a thinner section to jump across.

    But the dark otter's pace got even faster, proving he wasn't just going to climb down, he was going to jump! Iaruk steeled himself: if the otter made it, he would have to make the jump, too.

    The creature leaped, but Iaruk could tell that the jump was nowhere near long enough, but as he still ran, he saw the dark otter launch up from below, and connect with the rooftop in what could only be described by Iaruk as magic. Narrowing his eyes as he usually did before a jump, Iaruk took the leap, and gave his best. It still wasn't good enough. He felt a yell of frustration and fear escape his maw as he crashed through the roof of a street merchant's booth. He lay out of breath, and only half awake.

  • Reverrek was on the road again. He had briefly settled down in a village a good ways south of the city, but the badger's adventurous spirit had gotten the better of him again. He had been in the city for about two days now, and was enjoying how relaxed everything felt there. It was a nice change from what he usually put up with. At least it was, until a fox came crashing through the roof of the street merchant's booth he was looking to stock up on food from. Rev jumped with just as much surprise as that of the merchant, whose surprise very quickly turned to anger. The now very angry merchant practically dumped the fox on Rev along with the food he paid for, and hastily shut what remained of the booth before the badger could even object. He sighed irritably, but decided it was best to help the fox. Rev sat him down next to the booth and splashed water on his face to wake him up. "Easy, you took quite a tumble just now. Are you alright?"

  • Iaruk shook the water off his face, and tried to dry his face off a little with a rag he had brought. He was still dizzy, his sides hurt, and he knew that his body would scream at him on the morrow, but few thoughts mattered more to him than that dark otter. At least he had landed on his side and not broken anything… except perhaps the roof of a booth and whatever lie below..

    Coughing a little and staggering to his feet, Iaruk looked at the badger,

    "Err, yeah, I'm okay.."
    "says the fox who can hardly keep his paws," he heard in his head.

    He loosened his small bag of coin from his belt and tossed it into the booth where the keeper was still irritably getting things back in order, freeing his own mind from any sense of obligation.

    "Did you, er, see that black creature just now?"

    Iaruk wanted to look after the dark creature, but he knew he had long lost him, even in a powdery snow that helped the most amateur of trackers.

  • Camaclue had been standing there, watching the sudden event occur in silence. Finally, he mustered up the energy to move from his spot, quickly going to the two beasts talking.

    "That otter that just passed by, I think I saw him a bit better. He went right over me." Cam said, looking at the duo, then to the rooftops. "I think he went left. Not sure. Anyways, the name's Camaclue, what's yours?"

  • Iaruk finally regained his stability, but some feeling was leaving his face; the remaining moisture on his fur had begun to crystallize and freeze over. Giving himself a bodily shake as if he had just come in from a rainstorm, Iaruk then addressed Camaclue the otter,

    "Rook. I'm Rook. I need to find him. I can't stay, I'm sorry.

    With a lopsided gate, he approached a wall and began to climb. His pace was considerably slower, and he had to take the easier routes, but he knew that if he waited any longer, his chances to find the creature might vanish as surely as the dark otter himself.

    On the roofs, Iaruk's run had become a strained jog, and he had to avoid many roof-to-roof jumps, fearing compounding the damage already inflicted upon his sore body. He did his best to keep track of the subtle pawprints the otter had left behind, even when he had to find a round-about route to stay on course.

    His face slowly turned from pain and angst to frustration and fury; it started to snow.

    "GREEAARGH!" he howled as his trail went as cold as the snow that fell upon it. Around him, the air itself was turning white, compassing him in a freezing veil. It was now hard to see where you were going, not to mention search for or follow somebeast.

  • OOC: Sorry this wasn't up when I said it would be, Vlad. Writers' Block and starting High-School aren't a very kind combination. >_<

    BIC: Rev looked up the wall after Rook and was going to shout a warning about the weather, but the fox had already gone. He sighed and turned to Camaclue,

    "I bumped into that otter earlier. Tried followin' him too, but I lost him far faster than I should've. If he went left like you said, I'd be willing to bet he's headed for the docks."

    He stood back for a minute to think the situation through. On one hand, he could head for the docks and try to find out what the otter could possibly be up to. On the other, he could stay out of it and simply enjoy his time in the city. He began scaling the wall after Rook without a moment's hesitation.

    The weather had, as Rev expected, gotten worse. The cold wind was starting to take its toll on the badger, but he pressed on regardless; Rook's trail was still fresh, he was going to take advantage of that while he still could. He wasn't nearly as experienced in traversing rooftops as Rook, but the fox's slowed pace allowed Rev to keep up with him. The snow, however, quickly slowed him down, making the trail harder and harder to make out. Just when he thought he had lost it altogether, he heard somebeast let out a yell up ahead. Hoping it was Rook, he ran forwards until he could see the beast the yell belonged to. Sure enough, it was Rook. He cupped his paws together and shouted to the fox, "Hey! Rook! I think I know where that otter's headed!"

  • Iaruk's ear caught the message on the wind, and he whirled around in a rush of snow. A few seconds passed and Rook saw the badger trudging through the cold snow.

    "Wh-Where is he?"

    Iaruk's senses were slowly reverting to simple instinct, and he didn't wast time with his words. The cold takes its toll on all.

    ()()(//: Now, where's that Camaclue chap?

  • Reverrek was relieved to hear a response, albeit one he just barely managed to hear. He walked a bit closer towards Rook, the snow still proving to be an irritating menace. He cupped his paws again and shouted back a reply:

    "He's headed to the docks, I'm certain of it!"

    The cold was beginning to bear down on Rev as well, and he made a mental note to get something with longer sleeves the next time he was at the market.

    OOC: Wish I knew, mate. xD

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  • ()()(//: Well, he wasn't exactly really in the story, as his appearance was more along the lines of a cameo.

    Well, with that settled, I'll be formulating a post in earnest, I should have one in a day or two.

  • Iaruk threw all carefulness aside as he darted for the docks. His weakening legs were starting to get seriously fatigued, and he was sucking in the cold air so much it was taking its toll on his throat.

    What was this for, anyway? He was chasing a total stranger, probably someone that didn't even want to be around him.

    Tan frío…


    Rook didn't care if he out ran the badger behind him, his curiosity and overwhelming tenacity were thrusting him forward in such a savage way he almost felt disgusted at himself, but there was no time to dwell on that. He had made it to the docks!

    He dropped to his knees, forcing himself to take deliberate, deep breaths for fear of tearing his throat up any worse. He narrowed his eyes, searching for any sign of that illusive otter.

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  • The snow was subsiding a bit, giving Rook an improved view of the dock. Due to the snowy weather, most of the workers there had left, leaving only about a score of figures, all moving about. Well, all but one, that is. A certain beast was standing in the center of the scene, still as a statue, except for a small vibration. Even through the creature's immense self control was more than evident, no one could completely resist this cold.

    Hopping down from ledge to ledge, Iaruk started toward the dark otter, but at a much slower pace: he decided to walk.

  • OOC: Sorry for the delay, shouldn't happen again.

    BIC: Rook started off again, and despite the his beginning to tire, Reverrek followed close behind. The near-blizzard continued. Paying more attention to where Rook was going than to where he was stepping, he failed to notice a patch of ice ahead of him. Naturally, he slipped and more or less fell off the rooftops and onto the street below. Luckily, it wasn't that long of a fall. Unluckily, it was still enough of a fall to elicit a string of curses from the badger as he regained his balance. He now had a pain in his leg that would be a bother for the rest of the night, but he was otherwise fine. He looked back up and saw Rook approaching the dark otter. He wanted to know what the otter was up to, but he knew this meant more to Rook than it did to him; he stood close enough to hear anything that might be said, but he gave the fox and the otter their space.

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