• Nicknames: Cam, Camelglue

    Name: Camaclue

    Species: Sea Otter

    Description: Camaclue's height is pretty average for a sea otter. He has a brown coat of fur, gray-blue eyes, and usually wears a long coat that reaches his footpaws. His clothing includes an average blue shirt and brownish leggings.

    Possessions: Camaclue usually has a sword or three on his belt at all times. He also has several pockets in his coat for storing items.

    Strengths: Camaclue is a good swordfighter and an even better runner. He also knows his way around riddles and puzzles due to his intellect.

    Weaknesses: Though skilled at the blade, he isn't skilled at conflicts, usually charging the other way in a large scale battle. He can also get frustrated when somebeast doesn't understand something he does.

    Background: Unlike most Sea Otters, Camaclue was born and raised inland and close to Southsward. Due to this, he has a far different accent from other otters. 3 seasons after he was born, he and his parents moved to Redwall Abbey, where he discovered for his interest in books. Later, he went on his own for a while, adventuring and getting his first sword in the forges of Salamandastron. Several seasons later, Camaclue went back to his home of Redwall where he stays for now.

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