• Name-Bloodkill

    Nickname-BK, Blood


    Description-While standing on his talons, he reaches 6 and a half feet. His wingspan is almost twice his height. His wing feathers are a blood red, while his body feathers are a dark maroon.

    Strengths-Bloodkill is a fast flier, at full speed he can knock an unguarded vermin unconscious. His claws are outfitted with iron talons, allowing him to slice through weak armor and flesh.

    Weaknesses-Bloodkill cannot fight or fly in enclosed spaces. He can barely change direction when flying at full speed. He has a hard time determining friend from foe.

    Possession's has a pair of iron talons made at Salamandastron. He also has a helmet made from the skull of another hawk. For some reason that no one can explain, he has a satchel filled with skulls.

    Background-Bloodkill came from far off in the south, Whenever someone asks, he just says "It was hot and unbearable." The truth is, he lived in a desolate plain. His parents were cruel, possibly worse than any vermin. That was the real reason he left. While living at Mossflower, He became bored with the constant peace. One night, a group of vermin stumbled on him and removed all the feathers on his wings. In the morning, the vermin were discussing how to cook and eat Bloodkill. Soon, Dawn the badger stumbled upon them and, 'removed' them from Mossflower. Bloodkill was grateful for the rescue and followed Dawn. Although, he always called badgers 'landhawks.'

  • Hey Dawn, you forgot to put in his species.

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