Resource: List of Ironies

  • _Hey, I'm looking to compile a massive list of ironies to flavor my stories with. These are to help inspire me or to add a little pepper to whatever scene I'm writing if it feels that I don't have enough substance.

    I'll start (To demonstrate):_

    Someone you loved dies -by choice- to save you; but you didn't want to live.

    Recognition is given to someone who doesn't deserve it (or someone who doesn't exist).

    Whatever inspires us is what defines our character. Whatever it is that we do is what we've turned ourselves into.

    A dead person still has a purpose in life.

    One character has all the answers. No one asks him questions.

    Unambitious men do more than they want to. Good men can never do enough.

    In two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

    The most powerful being on earth can kill anyone he wants, but can't bring anyone back.

    With age comes wisdom. Unfortunately, this means people often get ugly before they get wise.

  • Some people say less with more words.

  • You drive around town for hours, looking for your favorite restaurant, Taco Shack. You finally give up and go to Rito's Chicken. When leaving, you go out the other entrance than the one you came in, and there stands Taco Shack.

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