My new chara

  • Name: Lord Strongpaw(There was no strongpaw in any of the books right?)

    Species: Badger

    Age: 22

    Appearance:(I'll have a pic soon) Muscular, Taller than most badgers, Silver stripe instead of white. Not plump, nor lean, roughly average in appearance.

    Strengths: Expert with a spear and shield.
                          Can throw javelins with accuracy over a great distance.
                          Accurate sling thrower.
                        Can lift or hold great weights.
                        Good ship and building designer.

    Weaknesses: Cannot wield a sword or axe well.
                              Doesn't pay attention to anything except that which he is doing.
                              Fails to obey any other beast.
                              Will not part with his weapons.
                              Won't stay around other badgers for long.
                              Distrusts any vermin.

  • heheehehe sweet

  • Eh, wot's sweet? ???

  • Well thank you.bows at waist If you want, you could give me an idea for one of your charas and give him/her a good profile. All I need is some basic info. Then I can go from there.

  • ummmm….I will stick with mine right now maybe later

  • Ok. No problem. I'll just help if you think you might need some.

  • ok if I need to I will tell you

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