The Uses of Dark Magic

  • Some magics are considered dark, mainly because of the use of spirits or the dead…or the undead for that matter. I will discuss the different uses and reasons for these darks spells as well as why they are considered dark.

    Note: Using the Dark Arts is extremely dangerous. Only use them with training for reason explained below.

    Number One on the list is the Use of Spirits, Dead and Undead or Necromancy

    Number One

    A. The Use of Spirits.

    The term spirit can be used to label anything from a ghost, an actual spirit, or pretty much any ethereal form. The art of harnessing these spirits to do your bidding and to draw your power from them is the art of sorcery. As the enslavement of any sentient creature is considered evil, so sorcery is considered a Dark Art. The difficulty with using sorcery is you have to control these spirits with your will. If the spirits are stronger than you, you will die. Period. They'll either just kill you, or they will take possession of your body, which still kill you. As spirits live on a different plain of existence then we do, they are generally summoned for three things, transportation, termination and possession. We will discuss the first in this thread. For transportation, you would want to summon a spirit with power, not a ghost or a unsettled soul. A spirit with power is one of those who have no form, but can still affect us in different ways, per se, troubling our dreams, influencing our decisions. These more powerful spirits are the ones you would summon to bend time and space around you so as to travel instantaneously without adverse effects. Here are some sample spells.

    Aferindum Akeris-Summons a spirit with power, but a weaker spirit. These are  spirits are for small groups and distances less than 300 miles.

    Adergus Akerisa Mealinus-Summons the more powerful spirits. These have the ability to move large groups and any distance up to 1000 miles.

    I won't do any more than this for now, because you can actually just summon a different spirit when your summoned spirit gets exhausted.

    Now, the difficulty with using transportation spirits is the travel time. Yes, they do make you travel instantaneously, but they live on a different plain than we do. While the travel seems like one second for you, for them, they are actually doing the work. It takes them however long it would take you to travel say, 100 miles. In this time, they could over power your will, take over your body and leave you wandering aimlessly through time and space as a forgotten spirit. Remember, while the use of Dark Arts renders extreme powers, there are also extreme risks. You must always know your limits so that you can know if you can summon certain spirits or not.

  • Necromancy and Sorcery are two arts that are definitely considered evil. They use the dead and undead to do their battling. This is the second most dangerous of the arts concerning sorcery and necromancy as it takes all of your will power to keep your summoned underlings under your control.

    B. The use of Spirits, Dead and Undead for Battling

    In this area, you must summon ethereal spirits and direct them into summoned bodies for them to possess. These undead beings have the unnatural ability to fight even when they have lost their limbs. This is because they feel no pain or anything else of the mortal realm. They are just manipulated by spirits. Three spells are needed for this. First a spell to summon the bodies. Then a spell to summon the spirits. A third to meld them.

    Suriso Mortumus- Summons the body or bodies.
    Akerisa Agherus-Summons vengeful spirits to possess the bodies.
    Akerisa Mortumus Merdila-Melds the spirit to the body, creating an undead.

    This particular art involves both necromancy and sorcery. The difficulty with this art is the controlling of these vengeful spirits. After putting them into their bodies, they want to go wild and destroy everything in sight because of their imprisonment in a body. It takes all the willpower that a User has to control them to your will. In truth, the actual art is much more complicated, this is just a general over view of the Dark Arts.

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