The Establishing of Zaridia (Kariska, Dusk, Kiara)

  • OOC: This story takes place about a thousand years ago, right after the Elves left the lands.

    BIC: Kariska walked through a field south of the lake called Lunar. This was the land of Zaridia. His people had abandoned him, leaving him alone. There was no longer any one of his race in the entire lands even in Eselbrador and beyond. Even if he could find where they went, he wasn't interested. Right now, he was reveling in his new freedom. The others weren't around to hamper him anymore.  He could finally do as he pleased, with no one to stop him. There was the matter of him, who was stuck in his head, but he could ignore that for a few hundred years.

    After the others had left, Kariska had decided to establish an empire. He would rule it and make it one of the greatest ever to be known. With the mountains to the north and circling around to the east, the Enchanted Forest to the northwest and to the west, Zaridia was nigh impenetrable excepting from the south. From the south, there was a pass through the extremely large mountains, but he could establish a fortress to protect that area. He laughed out loud, startling a fox. He had all the time in the world. He was immortal and naught could stop him from taking what he wanted. True, there was the possibility of being killed, but other than that, nothing could harm him. He just had to be careful. Kariska smirked evilly at the fox and then suddenly burst into his truest form. An aura of power enveloped him, his hair became a blazing flame, his steel covered nails grew ten inches long and his serrated teeth grew into long fangs. Bolts of lightning spewed from his eyes as he laughed in absolute pleasure with his immense power. Kariska began to lift off the ground and part of his aura became wings. Psychic power overwhelmed the surrounding area. The fox's eyes turned pure white, blood came out of it's nose, mouth and ears. To any other form of sentient life, besides those he protected with his mind and those of his race, his truest form burned out all senses of any creature and they die. The fox fell over dead as every single nerve cell in its body burned up. Kariska contained his form, with some difficulty and fell to the ground. It was difficult to contain his true form, especially at its most powerful and containing it after an outburst such as that took quite an effort. He got up to his feet and examined the dead fox. It's body was now tainted by the evil that had touched it, and any who ate it would die. Kariska laughed again and walked on.

    Fairly soon, he heard the noise of battle and he rushed forward to see what the commotion was about.

  • Dusk was sitting on a stump, a map rolled out in his lap and his cane leaning against his leg. He was currently in the land of Zaridia, near Lake Lunar to be specific. He was studying the map intently, using his pointer and middle finger to trace a path on it. He had spent several weeks up in Zaridia, searching every last ruin, cave, dungeon, and copes of trees he came across. So far, all he had gotten was attacked by some denizen or another. He hadn’t even found a single clue as to where the dungeon he was looking for was. He gave an exasperated sigh and rolled the map shut. He placed it in his pack and took up his cane. He groaned as he got to his feet. He had been traveling for quite some time, and he had had little rest. Almost every bone in his body ached, and he never got more than a few hours of sleep each night. He adjusted his pack, and then started walking again, his cane held in his right hand. He wasn’t really following any specific path, just wondering and hoping to get lucky. But since he had to search every single ruin he came across in hopes of finding what he was looking for, it would take him years. It was giving him a headache. A bad headache. He stopped and rubbed his temples with his left hand. He hadn’t had such a bad headache in a while. Then, to his shock, the headache faded. While he was no doctor, he knew that headaches don’t just fade as quickly as his just did. “Magic” he whispered. He took up his cane, holding it like a crossbow in both hands and a worried expression formed on his face. Out of everything in the world, magic was one the things that Dusk feared the most. He had heard stories of unstoppably powerful wizards, destroying entire armies with a wave of their hands. If one such person was nearby, then there was nothing he could do to protect himself. He started walking slowly, being very careful not to make any noise. While he wouldn’t admit it, he was shaking. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a noise. He was on the ground, his hands over his head, and shaking like a leaf in seconds. After a while he removed his hands from over his head and looked up. The noises were still happening, but as he listened, he realized that they weren’t what he had feared. It was the sound of sword on sword. A little relived, he got up and started toward the sounds with a little more confidence. Regular swords, he could deal with.

  • OOC: Has Dusk discovered his abilities yet?

    Kariska crouched as he came upon a scene of several men fighting. In the middle of them was a ornate, wooden box. Intrigued, Kariska wondered what was in the box. He flicked his black hair out of his eyes and watched the battle. He wasn't really interested in why they were fighting so he didn't bother searching their minds. He just was curious about the box. Kariska strolled into the middle of the battle and reached out, crushing their minds and killing them instantly. He stopped in front of the box and cocked his head. If it was gold, he was going to be very upset for wasting his time. He didn't want to open it right then, because of the fuss that had been made over it. Come to think of it, he was rather irritated with himself for being impatient and not searching their minds for what was inside it. Kariska was about to pick up the box when he felt a presence behind him. He whirled around and saw a man walking toward him. He was curious about him because there was a strange power surrounding his mind. Kariska sat down on the box and waved. "Hello! How are you?"

  • (ooc - hope you don't mind me joining. Saw it as a good way for Karia and Kariska to interact before Vikenti came into the picture. Let me know if you like it, or if it should wait or whatever)

    Before everyone had left the land, her family was in good standing. They were well like by most and were one of the last to leave. Along the way, she had gotten split up from her family, but she didn't mind. The elemental force of water was strong in her family and they can communicate with it, as long as they were near a body of water, and a special pendant shaped like a tear drop. The pendant was made of blue glass and was filled with the purest of water.
    That's why she began to make her way back. In the chaos, several things were left behind.
    With the pendant, she could found out where her family was, and get to them using the water.

    Kara hadn't met Kariaka personally, and have only heard stories about him. One of the reasons being his ability to read minds. Her family tended to shy away for that reason, or not think while he was around. He was one that you didn't want to cross paths on a bad day. Seeing as everyone had just left him, she didn't know his state of mind.

    She was quite proud of herself for retrieving her pendant in the eerie silence of the lands. She was relaxing near Lunar Lake, sitting under a tree and just listening to the sounds of the lake and the life in and around it, when the most irritating sound came into her ears. Metal on metal, and a bit of yelling. It was odd. She had thought everyone was gone by now and so got up to see who didn't leave. She stayed low to the ground and as well hidden as possible. And upon seeing Karisa kill the fighting men, with just his mind, she covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming. Calming down, she watched another approach him and the box? All this for a box?

    (ooc - for this to work, Kariska would have to enchant Dusk and Kiara so they don't age, or something, as this takes place a thousand years ago. Otherwise, we'd be dealing with their ancestors.)

  • OOC: Well, Kiara could have some sort of penchant or jewel that keeps her from aging, and she could lose it or something when she meet Vikenti. Kariska isn't a magic user. He's just an extremely powerful being with psychic abilities. Dusk has power absorption and this gives him immortality. But no, I don't mind you joining :3

  • ( ooc - OK then.

    The pendant would stop her from aging as well as letting her communiate with her family.
    Like in those movies where people can be in 'hypersleep' and wake up 1000's of years later, only she's not in 'hypersleep'
    So although she would be alive for at least 1000 years, she's technically only 36 in present time.

    Narvis is 16, which means she gave birth at 20. The reason she stopped wearing it was so that she could age along with Vik and Narvis and have a normal human life with them.

    Kiara is 20 and will remain 20 until she gives birth to Narvis … that or she's a little younger, late-teens and starts aging when she meets Vik.

    Sound good? LOL )

  • Dusk pointed his cane at Kariska, looking at him warily and then looking at the corpses. He started to circle him, his cane still pointed at him. “I am well, better then these poor sods at least” while talking, he had walked up to one of the corpses, indicating it by kicking it. He looked at Kariska again, then placed his cane in his armpit, leaned down, and started to search the corpse. He quickly patted it down, taking its coin purse, some jewelry, and a small pocket knife. He moved onto the next body and repeated the process, and again with the finale body. He then took off his pack, opened it, and placed his loot in it. He got back up, swinging the pack back into place, and turned back to Kariska. “Judging by the blood coming out of their noses, ears, and mouths, I’d say these men died from extreme brain hemorrhaging. I assume you are the cause of said brain damage?” Dusk asked. He started to swing his cane back and forth, like a pendulum. “You must be the source of the disturbance I felt earlier” he had started to walk back to his original position, still swinging his cane. “So, three men dead, one man left sitting on a crate, said man is the source of the others death, and he seems to have no fear of others. He also appears to be able to cause great psychic waves.  I’ll take the leap and say that you are a wizard. Am I correct?” Dusk said, turning back to Kariska after reaching his original point, and having completely circled him.

  • Kariska cocked his head and smirked at Dusk's remark and watched him search the body. He was impressed by Dusk's deduction but it was slightly off. He shook his head, "No, I am not a wizard at all. I am a member of….a certain race. They left recently, before the Elves did. I am the last of my kind. But yes, I have extremely powerful psychic abilities." He nodded his head at the corpse Dusk had kicked. "As for that, well, not brain hemorrhaging. That's just an effect of crushing the mind. Don't get it confused though, crushing the mind isn't the same as crushing a brain. Crushing the mind is wiping the entire brain clean of all functions, thought and ability to be sentient. They die before their bodies do. The body goes into confusion and that results in excessive bleeding. I crushed the essence of their being. It's rather hard to explain to one who is not psychic." Kariska smiled at patted the box. "I was just merely curious as to why they were fighting over this box." His face darkened. "If it's just gold, I'll be sorely displeased. I was hoping for something more interesting, like an enchanted rock, or a crystal that floats." He threw up his hands. "I don't know, just something interesting." Kariska stopped and looked directly at Kiara. "You can come out now, miss."

  • Kiara watched silently as the two men conversed. One of them going to the dead bodies, maybe to check and see if they were still alive? maybe to pick-pocket them? She didn't know and she wasn't close enough to hear the exchange of all the words that were said.
    She too was wondering what is in the box. Something that those men wanted enough to fight over, though unlucky for them, Kariska was also interested in the box.

    There was no point in sticking around. What ever was in the box is now in the possession of Kariska, and it was far better to leave it at that. She was about to turn around and leave when Kariska called to her. She winced, there was no point trying to hide now. With a relaxing sigh to calm her nerves and mind she walked forwards, head up high. It was more than likely he know she was, given the popularity of her family, so there was no point in trying to hide who she was either.
    "Kiara…my name is Kiara." She said softly as she stopped a few feet away from the two men. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, clearing her mind then opened them and glanced at each of the dead bodies then at the box then over to Dusk, then finally at Kariska. "Keeping killing everyone you come across, and you won't have any friends and truly be alone here."

  • Dusk looked at the crate with interest. He held little hope that it would contain anything of use for him, but he still hoped a little. He was just about to suggest opening said crate, when Kariska pointed out Kiara. He turned to Kiara, brining his cane up to point at her, but stopped halfway. Here was an excellent example of female beauty. He walked past Kariska, inspecting Kiara from head to toe, obviously captivated. His eyes caught on the pendant around her neck, a blue teardrop against her throat.  He placed his cane against the ground, swept off his hat with the other hand, and made a grand bow to her. “Milady,” he said,” you may call me Dusk. Might I inquire what such a beautiful and fair maiden is doing in such a place as this?”  He asked.

  • Kariska eyed Kiara. He knew who she was without delving into her mind, but he was curious. He briefly touched her mind and was surprised to see it studiously blank. He smirked. She obviously knew his power, but not enough. Kariska spoke into her mind, "Kiara, while clearing your mind is admirable, it doesn't stop me in the least. And I don't kill everyone I come across, dearie. Just the ones who annoy me." Kariska flicked his eyes at Dusk and smiled at his obvious admiration. He looked back at Kiara and said psychically, "I suppose you don't have to be psychic to see his entrancement. Well, I must say, I do not blame him. A beautiful woman always captures the attention of men." Kariska receded out of Kiara's mind. He was rather impressed by the purity of the woman. Not many people could be found who were as pure and true as this one. He shrugged. Not that he cared really. Kariska stood up from his box and examined the gold design and the silver lock. Obviously enchanted, but they probably didn't take into consideration a psychic opening the lock. He put the matter aside and decided to take an inventory of Dusk. He swept through his mind and was surprised. This man…  Dusk was almost as old as he was, give or take a few thousand years. He was immortal, just as he was, only his power was the absorption of life energy. He would have to be careful around him. Fighting him would be a difficulty. But from what he had seen, Kariska liked. It was irrelevant though, as his main concern was the chest. He turned around and announced, "I am curious as to what this chest contains. I don't care about who you are, but I will satisfy my curiosity." Kariska stood in front of the chest and telekinetically opened it, shielding himself at the same time to keep himself from being harmed from anything inside. As it turned out, it was just an intricately carved piece of crystal. Kariska laughed, delighted that it was one of the things he had mentioned. He picked it up and examined it in the light. It had a strange power surrounding it. He could sense it it with his mind. He turned around and showed it to Dusk. "I was right. It was an interesting crystal." He levitated it in the air and twirled it. "Hmm, it looks nice and has an interesting aura, but it doesn't appear to do anything." He shrugged and floated it in front of Dusk. "You want it? I have no interest in it any longer."

  • Kiara smiled and blushed a little at Dusk's bow. He seemed to be a good enough gentleman. She opened her mouth to answer him but when Kariska began speaking to her mind, she closed her mouth again, blinking as he spoke to her.

    She gave a little smirk of her own, and spoke back to him using her mind. "Who said anything about stopping you? I just perfer the…normal...way of getting to know someone." She watched him glace over at Dusk as he continued to talk. She blushed a second time. Not only has Dusk complemented her, but now Kariska as well. It was a good thing Kariska left her mind when he did. If her mind was blank before, it certainly wasn't now that two men have seemingly took an interest in her.

    She lightly shook her head and turned back Dusk with a small smile. "Ahh, I had to come back for something. I was just on my way out when I heard all the noise and came to see who it was. Everyone was suppose to be gone." She glanced over at the dead bodies, then over at Kariska as he made an announcement about the chest. She sighed at the fact he was not really interested in either of them.

    She watched Kariska open the chest to reveal a beautiful crystal. She smiled at it with a tilted head as Kariska levitated it then offered it to Dusk.
    Kiara blinked for a moment then looked around. "So...You two know my name, I know Dusk's name, but not your's.." She said to Kariska. With everything that had been said and done, she had a feeling who he was already, but needed him to say it to make sure.

  • Dusk listened as Kiara explained her presence. He was a little surprised to hear that her say that everyone was supposed to be gone. “I’m sorry, but I haven’t had a chance to be around others for quite some time, what do you mean by ‘Everyone was suppose to be gone’?” he asked her. Before he could get an answer though, Kariska announced his intentions. He watched with curiosity as the psychic broke the lock and opened the crate. When Kariska floated the stone toward Dusk, his breath caught in his throat. He grabbed it hungrily the second it came within reach. “Yes, I want it very much.” He began to study the intricate carvings on it, reading what they said. He felt a twinge of disappointment. This wasn’t what he was looking for, but it was a step in the right direction. He placed it in a small pouch at his side. Then, as if remembering something, he said, “Oh, by the way my psychically powerful friend, don’t read my thoughts or memories again, I’d rather like to keep certain things secret.”

  • Kariska smiled with some amusement at Dusk's eagerness to get the crystal. He had caught a hint of some sort of quest he was on and knew that it had to do with some strange crystal or stone. His smile morphed to a smirk and he bowed. "I would apologize, but I am not sorry. I just like to know what the people around me are like. I'm impressed, however, that you felt my presence. A read so light and quick such as the one I performed is not usually felt or noticed. I have my secrets as well, so I shall respect yours. Perhaps one day we may trust each other to the point of dispelling the mysteries of our respective secrets." Kariska turned to Kiara and addressed her question. "I am known by many names, some more famous than others. I have lived since before the Elves even came to Eselbrador and Zaridia. I am known as the Destroyer of Life, the Evil One and many other things. I am the last of my race residing in Zaridia or Eselbrador. You may know me as, Kariska, Lord of Darkness!" Here Kariska threw out his arms and his hair burst into fire and sparks of electricity spewed from his eyes. His steel encrusted nails grew six inches long and his filed, serrated teeth grew into long fangs. After letting them get a good look at the savage image, he retained his true form, his hair going back to glossy black and his eyes returning to a normal blue. He took a deep breath and exhaled, exhilarated by his immense power. He was evil, true, but a look of absolute contentment and joy was evident on his handsome, if wicked face. He contained himself and looked at them, using an older way of speech to speak. He tended to do this sometimes because of the longevity of his life, he sometimes slipped into a older forms of speaking. "What think ye of that?" He stopped and rephrased, "What do you think of me now?"

  • Kiara glanced over at Dusk as he asked her a question, though her focus didn't stay on him for very long before going back to Kariska.

    So he was who she thought he was, which meant she should probably leave. She took a step back and covered her mouth her her hand as Kariska changed his form then changed back and began speaking and old speech. She blinked for a moment as he rephrased his question. "Umm….Would help if you don't do that again... " She muttered as she dropped her hand back down to her side.

    She bit her bottom lip then looked around, playing with the tear drop pendant around her neck. Kiara turned her attention back to Dusk. She nodded to him. "I think Kariska could answer that better than I could. What are you doing around these parts?" Perhaps if he was traveling she could tag along. It was probably better than traveling alone, especially if there were more fighting men around. At least until they reached a body of water.

  • Dusk returned his attention to Kariska and Kiara. He bowed in acknowledgment of Kariska’s complement. “I’ve been around a while. I’ve met others like you, but not quite so powerful” he said. He waited, listening as Kariska talked to Kiara. He scoffed slightly as Kariska listed some of his titles. With a great amount of control, he didn’t show any emotion while Kariska burst into flames, lightning, fangs, and metal claws. He nonchalantly waved his hand, “Names are naught but words, and appearances can be deceiving. You are powerful, I’ll admit that, but evil?” he left it hanging. “Oh, and in the interest of the lady’s sanity, I suggest you keep the changing forms to a minimum.” He turned back to Kiara as she started speaking to him. He smiled at her, “I suppose he could, but I think I’ll let him calm down a bit before I ask him. Now as for what I am doing here, I’m looking for things. Things that are very important to me” he told her.

  • Kariska didn't have to delve into their minds to discern the boiling emotions of Dusk and Kiara. The savagery of his true form was enough to frighten the stoutest of men. Kariska watched the two of them talk and then addressed Dusk's comment. "You doubt my the severity of my wickedness? Hah, by Shriekvra, you are insolent. Were it not for my promise to stay out of your mind, I could show you atrocities you could never have imagined, not in your worst nightmares." He laughed. "And I am completely calm. I just happen to enjoy my power and my evil. Why should I not? There's no one to stop me now that my kind is gone. There were only about thirty of us and they kept me under control. Now, there is none to stop me from fulfilling my dream."

  • Kiara smiled a little at Dusk. "It seemed we meet with similar intentions. However I already found what I was looking for." She absent-mindedly brought her hand to her chest, subconsciously checking to make sure her pendant was still there around her neck. Satisfied that it was there she dropped her hand down to her side. "But I'll be more than happy to help you look for whatever you're looking for."
    Unlike Dusk, she didn't doubt the pure evil of Kariska. She blinked for a moment. "…And what is your dream you wish to fulfill?" She asked, though unsure if she actually wanted to know the answer.

  • Dusk looked sharply at Kariska. “I have committed some awful things in my live. One of them is completely unforgivable. Don’t talk to me about atrocities.” He took a deep, calming breath, and then turned back to Kiara, smiling again. “I would advise against that. While there is a chance I will survive the journey, a girl such as you might not” he told her, “but I do appreciate the offer. Now, tell me Kariska, what has happened to this land? ‘Everyone was supposed to be gone’ can you elaborate?”
    OOC: that’s the best I can do right now.

  • Kariska replied to Kiara and Dusk in the same dialogue after they were finished speaking. "Well, first of all, nothing has happened to the people. They just relocated. The Adelfoi Orko Zariskadia and an outpost of Elves kept the Enchanted forest, which is some ten miles to the west, under control. They kept the evil beings in there under control. Werewolves, Isthragnien the Cursed Dragon, sorcerers and many other things exist in there. Since the Elves and Zariskadia have abandoned the lands, it has become unsafe to live there. Most of them are moving into an abandoned city of the elves, Ethelno, which is translated to "Eternity". So, that explains your question Dusk. Zaridia isn't abandoned, on the contrary, it has had a recent influx have inhabitors. They just don't live around here, the Western Plains, because of the Enchanted Forest." Kariska turned to Kiara and said, "As to your question, my dream, for the past two thousand years, has been to be the ruler of a vast empire, situated right here in Zaridia. I will require the assistance of quite a few followers for my conquest, but my goal most likely will not be met for quite some time. I have several things that must fall into place before my conquest begins." Kariska looked sharply to the west, in the direction of the Enchanted Forest and a foul oath escaped his lips. He was coming. "This is not good." Kariska turned to Kiara and Dusk and said, "Listen, Dusk, your abilities will not work against this enemy, Kiara, stay with Dusk." Kariska stretched out his right hand like a talon, and he burst into his true form so he could summon more power. The ground rumbled and a sphere made out of diamond began to take shape. Kariska gritted his teeth and reached further into the ground, summoning more diamonds. The Goddess Shriekvra had given him his summoning powers, but he still hadn't gotten a complete handle on them yet. When he was finished, a dome made of pure diamond stood in front of him. Kariska leaned over, panting, and said breathlessly, "Get in, there's an opening right in front of you. The diamond will protect you from danger. It's properties will also protect your senses from being burned out from my power. Hurry." Kariska caught his breath and stood up straight, impatiently tapping his foot. He had tunneled a hole as well, so that they didn't suffocate when the door closed behind them, which it was set to do automatically. At the moment, he really didn't care what happened to them, but to defeat this enemy was going to require his full attention. Plus, he had tainted the area with dark power by killing the fox earlier. In retrospect, he realized it was foolish, but what was done was done. Electricity sparked in his eyes as his excitement rose. Finally, after all these years, he could finally do it. The others had always stopped him, but they were no longer here. He could finally fight him. He could finally fight Isthragnien the Cursed Dragon. It was probably going to be an even fight, which was rare for Kariska. He bared his filed teeth in a feral grin. This was going to be fun.

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