Mirror Mirror… (OOC)

  • I'm going to do a thread taking place while the Questors for the Whitedeath Crowns are traveling to their destinations, a journey of at least a month if I haven't misjudged my distances. Basically, Pentus finds a sealed vault in the dungeon of the castle and it turns out to be a portal to a parallel world, where things are essentially flipped. Good folks are evil. Cowards are courageous. The sun is red and the moon is black. Etc… I was wondering if anyone would want to join in and play their character's alter ego?

  • I'd like to join, but I'm not sure what the opposite of Dusk would be.

  • I think he'd be like a priest of the light, but also be painfully, obviously evil. This would mirror normal Dusk, who looks and acts subtly evil but is really a good guy.

  • Okay, also, are they physically different, or just mentally/morally?

  • Just mentally/morally, though if you want to change hair or eye color I'm fine with that.

  • Hmm, I imagine Rev would be evil, cruel, and vicious in a mirror universe. Count me in! >:D

  • sniff sniff I don't wanna be evil!
    But hey, this would give me some practice. I think I'll hop in too!

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    I think I can somewhat visualise what Jared Sandeye will be like in this parallel universe.  😉 I'm not sure, though; I'd lke your guys' input, please.

    Plus, I'm involved in, what, 4?, 5?, RPs already, so I don't know how I'll be able to manage another one.  😕

  • If you don't you can handle another one then you don't have to join. I'll understand.

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    OK, thanks. Just thought I'd add my condition, since I am quite busy at the moment. But really, I would like to just examine how a parallel [Eselbrador] Jared Sandeye would be like, in this other world, I mean. What's the difference, just out of curiosity?

  • It's kind of random actually, but mostly the moralities of characters are flipped. Good is evil, order is chaos, etc. Personalities are also affected. Take Pen and Dark-Pen for example. Pentus is very good at big gestures and grand entrances, while Dark-Pen is much more subtle and quiet. He's also pure evil, but that's beside the point. 😄

  • I'm soooooo joining with Kariska! BTW, if anyone would like help with making their good characters more evil in this thread, I can help with that. Excepting this site, most of my RP experience has been with using evil characters. So yeah, if you want some tips or anything, just PM me.

  • I'll be joining but I have some questions. First, Fen is nice and won't hurt innocents no matter what. So Dark Fen will be evil and loves causing chaos. One of my questions is, can both Fens be in the same world?

  • One can only pass through the mirror if their reflection is there at the same time (or if there's massive magical energy involved, but that's not until later, and it would break the mirror), and no one but Pen knows where the mirror vault is in our world. So, technically yes, but it's not likely. Besides, we've already got one crossover happening.

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    Would breaking the mirror cause a sort of rift between the worlds, causing the two to sort of "spill" into each other and merge? Just out of curiosity; I just find it hard to visualize what a Dark Jared Sandeye and Melinda Williams would be like.

  • Nothing quite so drastic. Breaking the mirror would just cause the portal between worlds to cease its existance. It wouldn't destroy the worlds or anything, just make it impossible for them to interact again.

    And I think Dark-Jared would be very egotistical and boastful, very angry, and a total, disrespectful jerk. And I think Melinda would be bitter and spiteful toward him.

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    1. OK. That was just my guess. I didn't think the mirror would force the alternate world to be forever sealed off. Would that effect be permanent, then?

    2. OK, someone needs to hit Dark-Jared over the head with a blacksmith's hammer, or at least a regular and/or magical one. And because Melinda would be the complete opposite of her regular counterpart, I don't think I'll sleep easy tonight.  😄 Ironically, I have dreams of the regular Melinda, too, and they're almost romantic. Isn't that weird?

    This is all the more reason why I'd have a hard time joining in with this quest. Plus, I'm trying to manage the other ones I'm already in. So with all due respect, I'll pass on this one. It was a very interesting concept, though! You're a literal genius, Pen.  😄

  • 1. My idea was that an unstable rift could be opened if you placed one of the shattered mirror fragments in a room with walls, floor, and ceiling made of mirror, sort of magnifying the fragments residual power… sorta. The same technique was also used to seal the Mirror away from the world, keeping its power contained (Hence the intense shininess of the mirror chamber).

    2. Well this thread will take place mostly in the palace so it would be a strech for Jared to be there anyway. And I don't think the dreams thing is weird. I have dreams like that too sometimes. 🙂

    And yes. Yes I am. 😎

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    So…......romantic dreams about Melinda is more of a good thing?  ???

  • I dunno. I just know that I have dreams about my characters on occassion too. I don't have them about Melinda though, if that's what you thought I meant. I have dreams about my own characters.

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