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  • Leave a comment if you want to be a student in a class Pentus will be teaching all about magic and magical things. Topics will include…

    • The Gods and Goddesses

    • The different types of spells

    • Runes and enchanting

    • Alchemy VS chemistry

    • The different magical races (Elves, faeries, vampyres, humans, etc…)

    • And more besides

  • I will join your class! Your teaching will be a living hell!

  • Living Hell huh? Well I'll just fail you now then. Goodbye.

  • Global Moderator

    Jared Sandeye is in for the class. He'll need a lot of help with the Faolis Volume, after all.  😉 He has to learn how to take good care and make good use of his mother's old spell-book. 😉 Why else would he take this class?

  • Platime will join. Platime learned what Platime knows about magic on Platime's own. Platime will need more instruction.

  • Pen, (without taking into consideration his evil nature, and just for the education of those in the forum) I believe there are a couple of things Kariska( I ) can shed some light on. Namely,

    Shriekvra, being the Goddess of Evil, I doubt Pen would want much to do with her anyway.
    The Adelfi Orko, which I am the only one currently who knows anything about them, not to sound snobbish, but I was the one who made them up after all.
    Also, if I may help with the more evil of the magical/supernatural races, namely, necromancers, mages, werewolves, shades and warlocks.
    Now, all the things above are strictly evil. If I may, I believe I have some valuable input concerning these particular areas, me being the Lord of Darkness after all.

  • Sir Jeff signing up for class!

  • Well, I can just not be evil for this one. As this thread is strictly educational, there would be no need for the background and personality stuff to get mixed in.

  • I think I could definitely use you as a guest speaker Kariska. Your insight into black magic would be highly valuable (just so long as we've got enough enchanted chains to keep you from eating our firstborns. JK! :D).

      Well I don't think I'll strictly speaking be an official teacher, so Leo doesn't really need to be an official student. Pretty much whomever shows up that day will be declared a student.
      I was thinking that Pen is just stealing chalk and slates from the university and teaching in fairly public places, such as warehouses, fields, and even the steps of the university itself, for whomever walks by or is interested (just like Plato! But possibly with more swearing and the occassional mug of ale :)))

  • glares I do NOT eat firstborns, Pentus! rubs fingernails on clothing and examines them Just secondborns…...JK

    But yes, start the class whenever and I'll join in.

  • Oh good. Go ahead and have your fill then; I'm a firstborn. 😄

    I should have my first lesson ready by next week, and I'll be sure to warn the "students" that you'll be assisting me.

  • Your teaching will not be a living hell. I'll just listen quietly if I can join. If not, I'll annoy you alot.

  • You can join no matter what, it's an open class, but if you don't stop with the threats and demands I'll make you the class crash test dummy! Wicked grin

  • smirks Or I'll make you think you're a six year old girl and have you playing with dolls for the rest of your life.

  • Looks up from playing with My Little Pony dolls So I get to be young forever… or until I break my legs trying to skip rope at eighty?

  • waves hand in annoyance By the Gods, Penblade, I was talking to Fenrath. shakes head in disgust but summons lipstick and blush and puts on Pen's face

  • I'll join, Dawn needs training, but, he's kind of gonna be in trouble with the law. 😉

  • For those of you interested in delving into the darker arts, I can make a separate thread for the Dark Arts. The teaching I'll be doing in Pen's class will be basic attacks and about the arts, and how to defend against them, but not actual teaching of and how to use the Dark Arts. PM me if you want to have a class like that.

  • Global Moderator

    So somewhat like a Defense Against the Dark Arts class, except Eselbrador style?  😄

  • LOL! Well put Jared. 😄 But I think Kariska means actually using dark, malevolent spells and incantations.

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