Doctor Kauban Ayker

  • Nickname: Kau, Ayker, Doc

    Full Name: Doctor Kauban Ayker

    Species: Raven

    Description: Jet black glossy feathers, a sharpened beak and watchful, cunning eyes. Kauban is a large raven, big enough to carry smaller dirt-scratchers. He has a black pouch strapped around his left leg for storing his suspicious possessions, but otherwise has no clothing.

    Possessions: Kauban is usually in possession of a wide variety of herbs and a few trinkets. He might also have a few needles and thread for stitches, and strips of cloth for bandages.


    • Flight. Kauban is a raven, and is equipped with a strong set of wings.
    • Haggling. Kauban can jabber and wheedle and make a fuss down to the last shiny copper over any transaction.
    • Not Being Seen. Kauban has learnt through experience not to stand up, or hide in obviously placed bushes in the middle of a field.


    • Attitude. Always has something to criticise, complain about or bad-mouth.
    • Obsession. Kauban is consumed with the desire to acquire wealth of all kinds. Unfortunately, in between losing things to bad weather or thieves, this goal is always just over the horizon.
    • Drinking. Kauban is the sort of quiet drunk that enjoys plenty of dirt-scratcher ale, no matter how cheap.


    Kauban has been living alone for much of his life. He hasn't had many friends and his relatives are almost never seen, let alone spoken to. Kauban learned much about the dirt-scratcher ways of medicine and herbs and roots, and is something of an apothecary. However, he has had a lot of experience with vermin more interested in opiates, willing to trade off his valuable goods for coins, medallions, paw rings, tail rings and other trinkets.

    The raven has spent much of his life occupied in his own made up business of flying from place to place, collecting ranges of desired medicinal substances and ferrying them to trustworthy customers. Hordes are a whole lot safer for one bird if there's a cordial business arrangement. He has had a few bad deals, but those who have wronged him have often realised that abusing his services only hurt themselves in the end.

    Kauban also moonlights as a self-proclaimed doctor, tending to avian and dirt-scratcher alike in various rudimentary complaints. He has enough knowledge of his herbs to alleviate pains and treat common infections. His surgery, however, is somewhat improvised and highly dependant on how steady he can hold a sewing needle in his talons. Of course, he does charge for all services, seeing no real need to keep dirt-scratchers alive otherwise.

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