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    Oliver walked out of Redwall, down the path, and to the old area where Saint Ninians stood. When he first came here to Redwall, he paid no attention to the building; he was curious now. He walked to the gates, walked through and into the old building. The sun shined brilliantly through the cracks and holes of the ceiling. "Hello?" He wondered if anyone was around; he looked further in.

  • Grum’s feathers were ruffled, as if it was something new. He’d grown bored inside the Abbey gates…again...and with the aid of a few younger, mischievous Dibbuns, he was able to sneak out of the gates and away. It was something he’d done many times before, always using those Dibbuns as a distraction. After all, they were natural trouble-makers, it never took long for one of them to wander off to the pond, or sneak to the wall tops, or whisk a kitchen-snagged goodie away quietly only to be caught shortly after. And it always worked fine.

    The forest was a much more exciting place anyway, he loved listening to the birds sing and the rustle of the branches in the canopy. He always pictured himself traveling afar, seeking battle and high adventure; battling vermin and making powerful allies. Yeah...

    That would be the best.

    But all Grum had found along the path was St. Ninians, as he always did, and wandered his way into the rafters. He had always been a nimble climber, though not quite as much as a squirrel, but for a shrew? He did quite well. He’d managed to find a splintered off piece of wood and began peeling away the broken bits. He then frowned...he wished he had a sword. Something light, swift, and easy on the paw. He would train with it every day (like he didn’t already do that with the wooden ones he’d crafted) and would venture out into Mossflower seeking vermin and other beasts to travel with. The thought made him smile as he leaned back on the rafters, his tail twitching happily behind him at the thought.

    Then a voice broke the stillness. Grum turned round swiftly and peered down towards the faraway floor. He spotted a squirrel, and blinked.
    “Hey.” Grum called out back to him, his head peeking from around a wooden ceiling rafter, his tail hanging off the other side. “Who’re you?” he asked curiously, not really put off at the sight of a squirrel. Squirrels were mostly friendly, and he looked younger, around Grum’s age; that put the shrew at a bit more ease than usual. He didn’t really care for the older ones...they always scolded him for being hot-headed or wanting to travel or being too competitive...

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    Oliver, turned his head back; he gave off a warm, easy smile. "Hey! The names Oliver." He turned his body around and stretched out. He was larger and had a hard, more muscular build, much like a badger.

    Their ages were similar, Oliver only being nineteen; three years older. "So, friend, what is your name?"

  • Grum smiled,
    “I’m Grum, from Redwall. You ain’t from there, are ya’?” he asked, he’d not seen the squirrel before…so he hoped he wasn’t. Besides, if he was a traveler, maybe he knew some good tales.

    Grum swiftly picked his way down the rafters with graceful ease, his footing easily found as he swung himself to the lower second story and to a nearby, old staircase. He was small, but well built; sinewy but not at all imposing, though a fiery spirit shone within those copper eyes behind the soft grey fur. He touched a paw to his snout and nodded,
    “I just came out for a walk, if y’are. I wasn’t really supposed to leave.” He offered a slight nervous chuckle, but then waved the matter aside with a gesture of his paw. “But it’s no big deal. What are you doin’ out here?”

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    "Well, I've been in Redwall for a couple of days; many different things go on there. I am a traveler. I had to stop at Redwall to get a wound treated from being ganged up on. Luckly a bird helped me, made it a fairer fight." He chuckled. "But right now I'm doin' the same thing, goin' out for a nice walk." He looked around the building, he never seen one so old before.

  • Grum’s ears perked at the mention of the word ‘traveler’ and ‘fight’.
    “You were in a fight? A real one? With what?” it was clear the thought excited the shrew, his tail twitching eagerly behind him. “Where at? Here in Mossflower?” he wondered if there were vermin nearby…and it almost made him smile. “What kind of weapon do you use?” he asked, eager to get answers to his curious questions. His head careened about the squirrel’s body, seeking a sword scabbard or quiver of arrows or something...

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    "Well Grum, I'll tell you the story." He sat down and tried to remember what happened. He explained as a flashback occurred.

    _Oliver couldn't remember the last time he was surrounded by vermin. They all gave him a look, large smiles showing their rotting teeth. He was cornered by four Rats. Oliver was more muscular, thicker than the rats, but it wasn't good to be outnumbered. Beasts experienced in many life threatening battles; something Oliver wouldn't regret.

    The squirrel got in his stance, paws balled into fists. "Alright me mates! This Squirrel has been causing some trouble to our gang the past few weeks. Now that we 'ave 'im cornered we can kill 'im for sure." The Rat that spoke licked his dry, cracking lips.

    Oliver had too many plans in his mind, he wasn't going to die, not today at least. He thought to himself "Hopefully I can take on all four, they look experienced though, it'll be tough." Oliver smirked at the four vermin "Well, your little gang caused me too much trouble in the past. You guys kept following me since I left the North many seasons ago. Well I don't wish to keep you guys waiting.." Oliver said with excitement in his voice. "Enough of this! Get 'em!" The leader attacked first, a one on one battle. He swung his large, jagged blade upwards towards  Oliver's head, a move that has been tried too many times on the experienced squirrel.

    Oliver flung his head backwards, so far back that he flipped back on his paws, kicking the rat in the Jaw. The leader staggered backwards and snarled. He ran towards the Squirrel dragging his blade on the ground. He leaped into the air, faking a slice. Oliver dodged to the side foolishly, the blade came down slightly cutting Oliver on his side. "Gah!" Oliver put his paw covering the small wound. "You are very clever, Rat." "You aren't half bad, Squirrel." They both smirked.

    Oliver charged in but strafed right; this confused the dumb rat, letting himself get caught in a body lock. "Now you'll know what it's like to be slammed into the ground." Oliver made his statement and switched his position, locking his grip to his back. "What is this?! This grip is too strong. You idiots! Help me!!" The Rat Leader angrily screamed at his comrades. Oliver dropped to his leg, lifting him up into the air. The rat dangled frontwards, cursing aloud. The Rat tried to grab his blade as he dropped it when being lifted.

    Oliver kicked the Rats other leg up, flipping over with the rat Oliver landed on his feet as the rats upper back and leg smacked into the ground. This knocked the rat out Cold. Oliver backed away, being closed in by the other three. He got back into his stance and waited._

    "And then a large bird comes to help! She said to the vermin "Gets ya backs you dummy beasties! Getas back. Yous'll hurtest the poorest squirreled!" He caught his breath and continued. "Well then.."

    _Oliver watched in surprise, but relieved nonetheless. He took the opportunity to attack the two other beasts that were distracted. Going behind one of them and wrapping both him arms around the Rat's neck, the Rat starting gasping and choking; the Rat's eyes widened as he was thrown backwards onto his head. The second rat looked at Oliver and charged him angrily. The Rat's anger got to him; the stupidity of his charge was his downfall. Oliver ducked down, thrusting his elbow into the rats stomach. Oliver turned this into a chain combo by uppercutting him. The Rat staggered his steps backwards, taking hard blows to the face. His head bobbled as he took hits. Oliver's punching fury went on until the rat fell on his butt, dazed. The Squirrel twisted his body, leg in the air; the kick knocked the rat a few feet back, completely knocking him out.

    He looked at the Robin and tackled the Rat to help. He placed his foot on the Rats chest to keep him down._

    "So thats what happened."

  • Grum listened with focused intensity to the squirrel’s story, his eyes becoming wide at the most tense moments.
    “So ya’ got hit, right? Do y’have the scar?” then something donned on Grum, “Ya’ don’t use a weapon?” he was slightly disappointed…he had hoped this stranger was carrying a piece of steel he could hold and mess around with. But alas, his luck wasn’t that good. “Did it hurt much? And where’s the bird now?” he inquired, curious as to how it all concluded.

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    "Well my weapon is a long staff, nothing exciting. As for the bird, she's somewhere in the abbey. I don't know where." He nodded, arms folded. He unfolded them and stood up. "Well as for the wound.. getting slashed hurts, not fun at all." He chucked. His shirt was sleeveless since it was cut at the arm parts.

    He lifted his arm up and pulled up his shirt to show him the scar on his side. "Theres the scar from that beasts blade.

  • Grum stood as well and analyzed the wound,
    “Wow.” he commented, “I bet it hurt.” He nodded almost sagely, amazed at the marking as though it were some badge of honor. “I bet it was cool fightin’ ‘em though, ya’?” he inquired with a grin, “That’s gotta’ be the best, no question. I never been in a real fight.” He shook his head almost sadly. “I just spar with my mates, but they don’t like it like I do. I always beat ‘em.” He shrugged, “It’s kinda’ boring.”

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    "I find it fun to fight baddies. Its thrilling, brings out the adrenaline in you" He added. "I used to have sparring matches when I was younger in my village. I would always win because I would do some technical body throw that would let me slam my opponent into the sand that was on the ring." He continued on. "I left it when I was about 16 or 17 though. Met a cool warrior that died in a great battle when I was apart of his small army. His younger brother is in the abbey I believe. He is a large, muscular mouse. He carries his brother's sword; a large wide blade, twice our body length and six or seven times our weight. He's doing something though so we wouldn't be able to see him."

  • Grum was excited at the concept of having met a traveling warrior, it filled him further with a wanderlust. He could just imagine all the things he could see on the road, all the adventures he’d have. He was even further spurred on at the idea that Oliver himself had left at Grum’s age. Then why couldn’t Grum? Maybe he could even go with Oliver when her chose to leave, but he’d leave that for another time.

    Grum’s ears perked at the mention of his friend,
    “Wow, that’s amazing!” he remarked, eyes widening at the thought of such a sword. “He must be really strong.”

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    "Yeah he is. Just like his older brother. I sparred with them both and they were hard. Every punch I threw at them, theirs were slower but much harder and stronger, a couple of the punches sent me high into the air or if I crashed into a wall or a tree the object would crack. They are about three times the size of a regular mouse warrior." He smiled. "I learned so much from them, they are older. The younger one, Brad, is 21 and his brother Gordon was about 26 or 27 before I saw him die." He scratched the itch on his head. "They had a thing where if they were losing a fight their adrenaline would kick in, its similar to the bloodwrath that badgers get when they fight."

    "Well, you aren't much younger than me. When I'm done here you can journey with me. We can come here to train and leave when we are ready. How does that sound?"

  • Grum brightened up and his eyes widened at the thought,
    “Are you serious?!” he asked in disbelief, “You would want me to go along with you?!” He was utterly shocked, most of the older beasts back at the abbey always treated him like a child, no one really took him seriously when he said he wanted to go travel and become a warrior. They thought him too young or too inexperienced, and in any case, too oblivious; unknowing of certain dangers. But Grum was proud, and knew if nothing else, he could learn. He smiled widely, excited at the thought, “D’ya think I could get a sword?” he inquired, “For when we go? I practice with my sparring staves every day, I know how to handle one.” It wasn’t a lie, but nor was it the truth… Grum had never handled a real sword before, just his sparring woods, which didn’t exactly equal a swords true weight. It would be a new experience, but he was confident he could do well.

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    But uh, well, anywhere is fine I suppose. I see Grum and Oliver heading over to Redwall shortly. Mayhaps the squirrel and the shrew could encounter the badger back along the path to Redwall?

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