Prince Narvis Whitedeath

  • I have erased part of his history. I will put it back when we come to it  😉

    Full Name: Prince Narvis Whitedeath
    Species: Human
    Age: 16
    Element: Fire

    Description: Prince Narvis is five foot seven, a few inches taller than his mother and a few shorter than his father. He has a nice brown hair, like his mother, and blue eyes also like his mother. He wears black pants with a whitish, silveryish shirt under a black leather jacket lined with fur and a pair of black gloves and a ring, which you only see if he takes off his gloves

    Possessions: His suit of armor, shield, steel sword and two handed claymore, he has access to everything in the treasury, But I'm not going to say its his.

    Personality: Narvis likes fighting, dueling and battling for his life, He hasn't had to do the last very much.
    He also likes making things that no one else would and if he starts he finishes, it took him two years to make the bronze dragon but it payed off in the end. He likes dancing too. And he likes traveling

    Strengths: Narvis is very strong and is a very good sword fighter. He knows how to use his element. He is also a good dancer.

    Weaknesses: He is not that good at riding his horse. He has practiced but he is still not very good. Also not very good with a bow. If he needs long rang he just uses his fire. But he hasn’t found out everything about his magic power yet.

    Background: Narvis was born and raised in the kingdom. When he turned ten he found out about his powers but didn’t use them because he was scared at first. A few years later he began experimenting with it and he found it quite useful at times. At fourteen he started making a bronze dragon. He finished it at sixteen just in time for the quest for making new crowns. (for more about this go to TWC thread)

    Relationships, Father: Vikenti Whitedeath Mother: Kiara Whitedeath

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