Deities and the Cosmos

  • The Gods and Goddesses

    Goddess of: Light
    Temper: Harsh
    Personality: Kalina is a no-nonsense kind of deity. She is unforgiving and demands obedience and perfection. She is exceptionally arrogant and powerful, but underneath it all, really does love the mortals she oversees.
    Mortal Manifestation: A tall, stately woman with a narrow face and sharp features. She wears a white, flowing robe and sandals. She walks with a haughty, self important grace.
    Blessings: Getting Kalina’s blessing requires you to have superior morality and proper respect for the uppity goddess. Her blessings include protection, insight, and guidance.
    Married to: Ben


    Goddess of: Darkness
    Temper: Mellow
    Personality: Myra is the most unresponsive of the deities. She could most accurately be described as sleepy, despite the fact she doesn’t really need to sleep. It takes immense effort to contact her, but if you can, she is very generous and kind hearted, though she can get very upset if awoken from one of her divine “naps.” Most of the time, she is relaxed, laid back, and cheerful.
    Mortal Manifestation: An average height, plump woman with a round face and a sleepy smile. She wears a brown and black dress, with black satin slippers on her feet. She walks slowly and stumbles like a tired man would, on occasion.
    Blessings: Getting Myra’s blessing not only requires contacting her, a feat unto itself, but also having a homey gift for her. She seems to have a penchant for beds, as in whisking them away to her kingdom in the divine realm. Her blessings include serenity and improved senses.

    Banteeli'Ektuula'Naranbanana (or, Ben)

    God of: Discord
    Temper: Off the Wall
    Personality: Think “The Joker,” but as a god, and less homicidal. Ben is very erratic and his mood can change in an instant, without warning or reason. He loves pranks and nature.
    Mortal Manifestation: A straight backed, white haired old man with a beard. He has a wicked glint in his eyes and always has a crooked grin on. Wears a red jacket over a green tunic with brown trousers and heavy, mithril studded boots. He skips and waltzes as much as he walks.
    Blessings: Ben has been known to give blessings to the cleverest people of the age, even without being contacted, but such happenings are rare, and unlikely. To get his blessing under normal circumstances, you’ll have to complete a little “mission” he’ll no doubt send you on. Success in this mission of mischief isn’t really what he’s after though. Mischief he can wreak on his own; he wants to be entertained, and if you do a good job… His blessings include music, affinity with nature, and luck above all.
    Married to: Kalina

    And Dusk is working on the god of Order

    Fallen Divinities

    Cibrus: God of War
    Osh: God of the Void
    Taeshi: Goddess of Fire
    Kalino: Goddess of Demons

    The Cosmos

    The Seven Plains

    • Divine

    • Spirit (afterlife)

    • Magic

    • Mortal

    • Demonic

    • Void

    • ? ? ? ? ? ?

    At the moment the universe was created, both the Great God and the universe itself were divided. The Great God became the lesser gods and goddesses, four of which have been imprisoned for eternity since that moment, and the universe, our topic for now, was fractured and sealed into the seven Plains. When they were created the Plains were divided completely and travel between them was, for the most part, impossible. It still is today, but such paradoxes as the Wizard War, contact with the divines, and the use of magic itself show that the seals are not completely impenetrable. In fact, it is the bleed through energy from the other six Plains, centering on the Mortal Plain, which allows life as we know it to exist here. Now, a bit of info on each of the seven individually.

    The Divine Plain
      This is the Plain where the gods and goddesses reside, sort of like their private estate. Each deity has a designated piece of it carved out where they keep their tributes and godly possessions. It is also where the chosen heroes that they deem worthy reside for eternity, enjoying the bliss of divinity.

    The Spirit Plain
      This is where most people’s souls go upon death, awaiting rebirth or infinity, depending what you believe. It is said to be an endless field of white, populated by white clad figures from throughout time.

    The Magic Plain
      This Plain is considered by most to be nothing more than a massive reservoir of energy, and has never actually been seen or contacted other than by secondary means, such as using the energy for spells in this Plain.

    The Mortal Plain
      The one we live in. If you don’t know what the world you live in is like, I suggest taking some basic preschool classes. Or maybe you could look out the freakin’ window.

    The Demonic Plain
      Now we’re getting to the darker Plains. If spirits go to the Afterlife Plain, the demons would be their shadows. Living in a Plain where light has no place, the demons rule everything, and much like the Magic Plain, no one has ever been there or seen what it is like. Unlike the Magic Plain, we’re perfectly happy to keep it that way.

    The Void
      The second most mysterious Plain, the Void is a massive empty pit, and just like the Spirit Plain has its shadow, the Demonic Plain, this would have to be the Magic Plain’s shadow. Actually, the Void isn’t strictly “empty.” It is saturated with a form of energy that very, very few have come into contact with, much less studied. When the Void is contacted, it usually ends in catastrophe.

    ? ? ? ? ? ?
      No one knows what lies in the Seventh Plain. All we know is that, if the Magic and Spirit Plains have shadows, and the Mortal Plain is the crux between all Plains, then logically, the Divine Plain must have its shadow as well. Its existence is merely speculation, but still, if it does exist… what lives there that could equal and oppose gods?

  • Shriekvra

    Goddess of: Wickedness and Evilness

    Temper: Happy, erratic and unstable

    Personality: Shriekvra is the complete opposite of what you'd expect the goddess of Evil to be like. Even though she is imprisoned, she is always happy. She loves to joke and laugh. However, she is entirely evil and will kill anyone on a random whim. She truly does like to laugh, but underneath it all, she is completely evil. If she had her way, the order of the world would collapse and chaos would be complete.
    Mortal Manifestation: A girl of about sixteen. She has pure white hair, even though her looks are those of a teenager. Her eyes are a piercing gray. She wears a dress of bright green with swirling black marks.
    Blessings: To receive a blessing from Shriekvra, you must be completely evil or very savage. Her blessings are, psychic powers, summoning power and transportation.

  • The Desolate Plain or The Plain of the Fallen

    This is the prison of the Goddess of Evil, Shriekvra. Eons ago, Shriekvra tried to take over the Divine Plain. With a great effort, she was subdued and sent to the Desolate Plain, which is also called the Plain of the Fallen. Here she remained alone for millennium, until she was joined by the Four Fallen. Shriekvra turned her prison into her own personal residential palace. She created his own servants and allows the other gods to create their own as well.  From here, she sends out her personal servants to do her evil bidding.

  • Tantibus (The Nightmare)

    God of: Bad Dreams, Ill Luck, Trickery
    Temper: Condescending
    Personality: Tantibus takes delight in the failures and misfortune of mortals. He enjoys sowing seeds of ruin and despair. Despite his great powers, he rarely kills or destroys outright. He find it much more fun to emotionally torment his victims or bring about their doom through the hands of others. He is much more willing than other gods and spirits to appear on the mortal plane, but his blessings are rare. He prefers to torment rather than aid.
    Mortal Manifestation: Tantibus will switch rather evenly between both genders in his mortal appearances, though he is referred to as male. His hair is usually black, as are his irises. His skin is fair, and he is often tall for his gender. His appearances are usually far more attractive than any mortal, as the Nightmare uses seduction to ruin lives. Tantibus tends to change appearance more so than other gods, often assuming the guise of someone else as part of his trickery. The clothing he typicality appears in is of black silk, a suit if male, a dress if female. He moves about erratically, teleporting or using other odd methods of movement.   
    Blessings: Getting The Nightmare's blessing is hard to do, since he enjoys causing distress. But, he will sometimes offer his blessings if someone seems prepared to aid his ends, or cause chaos for his amusement.  His blessings include an increase of verbal trickery, skills with illusionary spells, and a sort of evil "evil eye," seemingly the ability to cause others ill luck just by wishing it.

  • Pyrite

    God of: Order

    Temper: Stern

    Personality: He is very serious.  He enjoys straight lines, numbers, chemicals, crystals, architecture, equations, machines, maps, measuring things, planning, and, to a degree, war. He isn’t like the god of war, he just likes the well ordered soldiers, the lines, the mass production of materials, fighting styles, not the killing itself. He requires his followers to be smart, inventive, serious, and above all, well organized. As a result, his disciples make some of the world’s best bureaucrats, generals, leaders, and architects. His disciples can come from any race, he doesn’t care who they are or were, but only what they will be.

    Mortal Manifestation: Tall, well muscled, with a very average face, sort of like it were made from the combined features of everyone on the planet. He wears a grey military uniform, with grey boots, a grey cape, and a crown made from cyan crystal. He wears a broadsword made from crystal belted at his waist. He always has a frown on his face, he stands straight backed, and his step is always measured and the same.

    Blessing: To get his blessing you have to be very smart, well organized, and they need to gain his favor (of course). His blessings include knowledge, quick thinking, a single boon(within reason) , or crystantium. Crystantium is a very special type of metal that grows like crystal in Pyrites realm. It is nearly indestructible and can be sharpened to the point that it can shear through anything. The only problem is that it takes centuries to grow even a tiny nugget, and it takes incomprehensible heat and time to shape it.

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