• Nicknames:  Shorey, Loamer, Lomey

    Full Name:  Shoreloam

    Species:  River otter

    Age:  25

    Description:  Big and brawny, covered in dark brown fur with splotches of black intermixed. White-colored fur down the center of his chest. He wears a dark green vest and carries a confident, handsome smile.

    Personality: Humorous and headstrong, with moderate intelligence. Shoreloam has been a net caster for several seasons, but dreams of being a captain of his own vessel someday, although he lacks the drive to pursue his dream. He's content with a hot broiled fish and mug of ale to satisfy him…and the company of a pretty lass!


    1 long staff
    1 weighted net, rolled


    • Excellent swimmer
    • Strong paw-to-paw combat
    • Deft at fighting with staff
    • An asset to any fishing crew


    • Enjoys ale far too much
    • Can be provoked into a fight without cause
    • Quick-tempered and stubborn


    Shoreloam comes from the Holt Windeye down south from the abbey. He's worked on many fishing crews as their chief net caster, and though he carries seasons' worth of expertise, his tendency to quarrel and brawl has kept him from commanding his own crew. Once he realized he had nowhere else to go as a worker on the streams, Shoreloam packed his net and headed for Redwall. He now goes out with other otter teams to fish the nearby streams and lakes for the monthly feasts and other special occasions, and will accompany Skipper and his otters on various missions of reconnaissance, abbey defense and scouting.

    (More to come…!)

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