Keira Blacktalon - Grumehlki “Grum” Tihm - Shrew

  • Name: Grumehlki “Grum” Tihm

    Species: Shrew

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Weapon(s) of Choice:  Short, maneuverable swords. Short swords, sabers, rapiers etc. Paws.

    Physical Appearance: (picture: )Grum is a tough looking youth with light grey fur along his body, while all four paws and his head fur sport a light sand color. He is nimble, strong, and looks to be quite sturdy despite his smaller size. He often times looks rather serious even though he’s not, and people tend to assume he’s just angry all the time. But that usually isn’t the case, he just has that shrew air about him he can’t seem to shake. He most often wears long tunics which belt about his waist and short breeches. The tunics are usually forest green and the breeches tan. Other than that, he’s rather normal looking to most.

    He does, however, have a cold stare that even a snake would think twice about. When angered, he gets this gleam in those fiery copper eyes that can deter even the most confident of foes. Something about that young’n just ain’t quite right…

    Personality: Grum is an individual who likes others to take him seriously. When underestimated he is easily angered, and when insulted he is quick to throw punches. Such situations have earned him a skill in paw to paw combat and some swift reflexes. He’s quick, nimble, and smart, even though he doesn’t often choose to show it. His anger often gets the better of him and it’s that fact alone that has earned him his reputation. If something at Redwall Abbey is amiss, chances are…it has something to do with what Grum did.

    Biography: Grum was found by a band of squirrels who shepherded the little shrewlet to Redwall. He swiftly was just another Mossflower orphan and raised alongside the other Dibbuns. He has no recollection of those younger years (he was just nigh of 3 when he was brought to Redwall) and ever since, he’s seen Mossflower as his home, but never Redwall. Something about Redwall just never sat right with the shrew. The peaceable creatures bore him, and he has a true obsession with swords, to the extent he fashions them out of wood and has been known to send other Dibbuns to the older beasts crying.

    He can be cruel at times, but usually is just short-tempered and prideful. He hates being underestimated by his size, and more than makes up for it in pure adrenaline and willpower. He’s been known to beat beasts thrice his size and stature and send them to the Abbey with bloody noses and broken spirits. If there is anything Grum hates, its bullies and vermin. He isn’t easily frightened and has a spirit akin to a wild stallion. Some say he’s destined to be a great warrior one day, while others say he’s naught but trouble on paws and await the day he heads off into Mossflower to never return.

    Grum's Quote: "Walk tall and make sure your voice is always heard."

    Grum's Theme Song: Coming soon.

    –- lol, No long, detailed bio for this'n, short and sweet. 😉 It works out though. ^^

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