Abernathy Babblebrook

  • Nickname: (Brother) Abe, (Brother) Abernathy,

    Full Title: Brother Abernathy Babblebrook, Gatehouse Keeper (ex)

    Species: Otter

    Age: Middle Aged

    Description: A tall, male river otter. He's pretty averagely built and a tad on the lanky side. He wears a white shirt underneath a brown coat and a ridiculously long, multi-colored scarf. His thick, brown fur gives him a misleadingly youthful appearance.


    • A curiously designed Swiss Army Knife of a lock pick.
    • Clothes.
    • The Gatehouse. :3


    • Incredibly skilled at picking locks.
    • While he doesn't very much approve of physical violence, he isn't afraid to use it if he has to.
    • Incredibly loyal.


    • Not much good with weapons.
    • Has been known to get a bit rambly at times
    • Generally has a cool temper, but if you do manage to make him angry…

    Abe has been at Redwall since he was a babe, and can think of no other place he'd want to live more. When he was a dibbun, he became quite notorious for picking the locks in the Kitchen to get at sweets, and always seemed to have a replacement for each pick that was confiscated. He did retain a good deal of his mischievousness as he got older, but he has grown into a well-mannered beast. As a dedicated resident of Redwall, he currently serves as Gatehouse Keeper of the abbey. In addition to his Gatehouse duties, he can usually find the time to help keep the dibbuns in check and help out in the infirmary when help is needed. He's a kind and gentle creature, but has no tolerance for the evil and wicked. His friendly nature makes him very approachable, if his goofy demeanor (and fashion sense) didn't already accomplish this. He's the kind of beast who can make friends easily, and is fiercely loyal to them. He isn't angered easily, but if he is then you'd be wise to stay out of his way. Abe's a known chatterbox, and often has to remember to stop himself before things get too off topic. Abe is an intelligent beast, and enjoys puzzles of all sorts. He enjoys the company of others, and always seems to have a story or two to tell. While he may come off as a bit eccentric, Abe is a kind and caring beast who wants nothing more than to be friends.

    Author's Notes:

    • Yes Pen, I know.

  • The Gatehouse as a possession? Why not just go for broke and say The Phonebox? LOL! Fantastic Rev, I love'im. And a little cameo at the end, thank you indeed. ^-^

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