The Greater Evils (Kariska)

  • A professor of the old times, an ancient looking ermine, was lecturing a group of eager young minds about two of the lands most infamous villains. "The lands of old were once home to two evils, both ever so cruel. It was split down the middle, divide in two sections. The East belonged to the mysterious Kariska, the West belonged to the hulking leviathan Bloodbane. Their hatered for each other was unknown to those who followed them, both kept it well hidden. Why they hated each other, no one knew. Some say it was because two extream evils couldn't simply existed with another entity around, others say they wanted the land the other had, but none can say… until now." Says the ermine.
    "How sir?" A curious hare asked.
    "With this time scroll I've found. they'll allow us to zip around the land to watch both of the tyrants deepest secrets. Now touch the scroll." He unrolled it and the group of ten grabbed the edges. "Yo-sang-la!" A flash of bright light took them to Bloodbane's mountain fortress. "Now pay attention." The professor said to the ghostly looking students.

    Bloodbane was pacing his private quarters, the large wolverine murmuring to himself. "That blasted Kariska!" His deep voice thundered as he smashed an enchanted table. It started to mend it self. "Why doesn't that mangy fool just dry up and turn to dust! He's sitting on his throne mocking me at this very moment… I can hear him... I'm certain of it." He sat down on his giant cloth chair, peering out his window trying to see across the land to Kariska's domain. "Hmmm." Bloodbane growled.

    OOC: The students can be controlled by Kariska and I only. They are just a means to explaine the story. (This is in the past) Others may join in only after Kariska starts. be sure to ask first.

  • One of the students gasped in shock when the image turned to the Emperor Kariska.

    Kariska tightened his hand hold on the rat's neck. He laughed as the rat whimpered when he lifted him off the ground. He shouted into the air as he threw the rat from him, his glossy red fur rippling, "Bloodbane! There goes one of your spies!" He telekinetically lifted the rat's body and sent it zooming out the window, west, towards Bloodbane. The fox whirled around and sat on his throne, growling. "Bloodbane, you are nothing but a fool and a pawn. You're a worthless piece of trash." He slammed his paw down onto his armrest and shrieked, "Die! Just die!" Emperor Kariska calmed himself and leaned back, making a temple with his claws. His eyes narrowed. "How shall we do it…"

  • The group was watching the two anxiously. Wondering why they disliked each other so. "Fascinating." The professor said quietly. "To see these creatures unaltered by angry historians."

    Bloodbane reached for a large funnel object that was attached to a series of pipes. "Stephano!" He yelled. "Come up to my quarters immediately!"

    "Who's Stephano?" A student asked their teacher.
    "I don't know. He must be one Bloodbane's Generals that was never documented." As he finished, a petite wolverine came stumbling through the large doors to the quarters. "Who is that!?!" The professor said confused.

    "Hello father!" The group gasped. They had known the warlord had many offspring, each cataloged, but Stepha no was not one of them. "What did you want?" The small one asked.
    "I have an assignment for you. By now my spy has ha- put that down." Stepha no was looking at a glass sculpt er haphazardly. He placed it on a shelf and began to pay attention. "Like I was saying, by now my spy has been caught and threw out of that mongrels tower. I want you to take this siphener and extract the memories that are locked in his head."
    "Yes fatha! I won't let you down!" Stephano grabbed the siphen and darted out of the room, almost falling in the process. Bloodbane smiled and shook his head, chuckling.
    "Crazy little thing." He murmured, sitting back down in his chair. The wolverine grabbed a large glass ball that was tracking his son.

    "Amazing! He was using that rat as some sort of device to capture Kariska's plans… but why isn't than son of his in the records?" The group pondered on the subject.

  • The professor gently told his students not to look upon the savage scene that met them when they went back to Kariska.

    The Emperor of Darkness stood surrounded by dead beasts. He fur was on fire, his eyes sparking electricity and his claws and fangs unnaturally large. The dead around him looked to be shredded to pieces, which is exactly what happened. Psychic power emanated from the evil fox as he breathed heavily, looking with satisfaction at the carnage around him. He sometimes liked to deal with some of Bloodbane's scouts and spies himself. He transported himself back to his chambers and cleaned himself up before entering his bustling court. He slipped into his throne and began to take care of business, as if he hadn't just massacred twelve vermin not ten minutes before. As he penned his name on several documents, he searched with his mind briefly, before finding Kilena, his hired assassin, standing behind his chair, as usual. "I have a mission for you, Kilena." He thought to her. "My liege?" Kariska smiled evilly. "Bloodbane will undoubtedly send someone to collect his spies' information. I would like for you to capture this beast and bring them to me. You'll receive extra payment if they are alive and whole." Kariska felt her smirk. "My liege, consider it done." Kilena left silently and Kariska returned to the affairs of the Zaridian Empire.

  • Stephano was an odd sight. He was happy and cheerful as could be, yet he was surrounded by nothing but sadness and death. It was made odder due to him singing as he descended from his fathers room. "Here I go, down the stairs, gonna go, any where! And something something…" He began humming the rest of his made up song as the small wolverine slid down the hand rail.
    He was at the fortress's big gates in no time. "Open the door please good sir or maddam!" The gate keeper sighed annoyed cracked open the gate for Stephano to squeeze through. Bloodjr no magic abilities, apart from his talent for sensing nearby dangers.

    Stephano was well into the large thick forest that separated the two warlords. "Come on Mr.Siphen, show me where the failed spy is." The device would glow every time he pointed it in the general direction of the corpse. "Where is it?"

    The students watching Stephano couldn't help but stifle a laugh or two from Bloodbane's comical son. "How could someone so evil make an adorable creature like that?" A hare maiden asked curiously.

  • Kilena ran rapidly along the ground before launching herself into the trees. She tree-jumped until Stephano came into sight. "Ah, one of his sons…how foolish." Kilena smirked and hopped down in front of Stephano. She bowed low. "Lord, you humble me with your presence. What can a lowly maid such as myself do for you?" She fluttered her long eyelashes at him.

    One of the students whistled. "She is very nice looking for an assassin." The teacher frowned and consulted his volume. "Yet another creature we have not heard of...strange how many things have been left out..."

  • Bloodbane's glass ball went white, blocking his view from his son. He knew this would happen. The forest was charmed so no magic could penetrate it. Beasts who used magic would become delirious and fatigued, that's why he sent his son in. In truth BloodSr was nervous for his son, Stephano was never trained to fight.

    The young wolverine looked at the strange beast curiously. "She couldn't possibly mean me." He thought to himself. "Um lady… I'm not a lord. My father might be Bloodbane, but I'm no lord for that. He's the ruler he gets that title.... Anyways, I'm looking for something." Stephano had completely forgotton about his mission when Kilena arrived. "Something important too... By the way, what's your name?" He asked politely.

  • Kariska followed Kilena until she entered the Enchanted Forest. Strange enchantments surrounded the area that blocked his mind's eye from seeing into the forest. He knew Kilena could take care of herself and left the matter to her.

    Kilena curtsied again and said, "But my lord, you are the son of the great Bloodbane, are you not? Does that not make you a lord? I am called Kilena. Do you require help with your search?

  • Stephano shook his head. "I couldn't lord over any thing. My father says it's because I don't have the mystical or what ever that means." The small wolverine paused and paced around, trying to remember what his original intentions were. "Ya know… I haven't the foggiest idea what I'm looking for. I guess it's not important, I would've remember other wise. So I guess you can't help." The siphen started to hum. Stephano took it out. "Now what's this thing up to?" He examined the contraption then put back in his satchel.
    Bloodjr looked up confused. "Er... What was we talking about?"

  • Kilena had to hide a smile at Stephano's distracted personality. He either was a simpleton or was easily distracted. This would be so easy. She saw him take out the siphen and then put it back. "I believe we were discussing your business in the forest. Seeing as you cannot remember your purpose, would you like to follow me to my humble abode to share some refreshments?" She curtsied again.

  • Stephano perked up. "Refreshments? That sounds lovely!" His voice cracked as jumped up and down clapping his paws together. "It's been forever since I've had a good ol' fashion tea party! I use to have 'em all the time. father made me stop 'cause I accidental served a potion that made beasts catch on fire. It was verrrry messy." Stephano sighed deeply, remembering the moment. "It smelled terrible too. Ahhh…. Anywho lead the miss!" Stephano was eager to go.

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