Pen's Labyrinth

  • Pentus marched down a long row of bookcases far underground, flipping through the pages of his notebook as he chewed on a half eaten loaf of bread, leaving a trail of crumbs behind him as he walked. This was where he spent most of his time, in the endless, murky depths of the palace’s subterranean library. Many of these scrolls and books and tablets hadn’t been disturbed in decades, centuries, even millenia, and a rare, select few he dated back almost ten thousand years. Luckily, whoever had built this place had possessed the foresight to put a myriad of decay preventing spells on both the structures and the literature. Due to the obscurity of the section he was in no torches were set up, the only light coming from the crystal perched atop his staff. The rest of the huge cave; huge in this case meaning five hundred feet from wall to wall to wall to wall, and one hundred to the ceiling; was left in shadows. Dusty shadows.

    Pen’s nose was buried in the notebook as he walked, with no particular destination in mind. He had these cavernous vaults memorized like the back of his hand, so he wasn’t at all worried about getting lost. Only a few seconds of looking around and he’d know exactly where he was. He walked and walked and walked, studying the mating habits of dragons the whole way, until he reached the end of his notes and got into the mating habits of trolls. He quickly closed the notebook and shuddered. Those notes had been hard enough to write down and he didn’t want to read them more than he had to.

    Taking another sloppy bite of his loaf, sending crumbs tumbling down his plain tunic and trousers, the bard tipped the brim of his hat up with the chewed end of the loaf and looked around. He was in the middle of a four way junction of four rows of shelves, all the shelves at least seventy feet high. The tops were lost in shadows, so he focused on the ground floor as it were. Stacks of tablets like piles of bricks lay all around near the bases of the shelves. Scrolls in converted wine shelves were placed intermittently among rows of books, and the four way intersection was clear except for a large, plain stone arch in the middle of the floor.

    Pen grunted and took another bite of bread, returning to his notebook as he walked away. The bubble of light from his staff slowly receded until it was nothing but a glimmer, then it stopped. The light remained dim for several long, drawn out seconds, then it rapidly increased again, accompanied by the sound of running feet. Pen came sprinting back with the loaf held in his teeth, the staff in one hand, and the notebook in the other. He skidded to a stop straight in front of the arch and quickly stuffed the notebook back in his shirt. Taking the loaf in his now empty hand, he shouted in no uncertain terms, “Where the Hell did you come from!? I mean, no offense, you have lovely stonework, but what are you doing here!? No, no, no! You can’t be here! Well, obviously you can, but you shouldn’t! Who put you here? Go on, speak up!” No joking, Pentus really did stand in front of that arch for almost fifteen seconds, fists akimbo, waiting for an answer. When he remembered that stone didn’t normally speak, excepting elementals, he cleared his throat, embarrassed, and started observing the arch, rather than interrogating it.

    It was made of plain gray stone and looked like a single, round column had been bent in a U shape and planted on the ground.  There were no markings on it that he could see, just seamless, smooth stone the same diameter (about a foot) along the entire thing. He stared at if for a while, then did what any self respecting man of knowledge would do. He lifted the butt of his staff and poked it with a stick.

    He was not vaporized.

    Somewhat of a surprise considering a lot of the things Pen usually dealt with in the course of his research.

    He frowned and shoved on the arch. It remained exactly where it was, not even wobbling. He muttered to himself as he walked around it to the other side, “Of course it didn’t move, these sorts of things never move. If they did they wouldn’t be half as mysterious.” He got to the other side and immediately noticed the single word inscribed at the top of the arch: Labyrinth.

    Pen stared at the inscription for a moment, then shouted, “What!?” He quickly gave the arch a once-over for any signs of magic, then stepped through it and back again repeatedly as he complained, “Labyrinth!? Are you joking? How does this thing equal a labyrinth? There isn’t even any maze, I just walk in one side and exit the other… That’s not a maze! That’s false advertising is what it is.”

    Still ranting, Pen marched off into the library after passing under the arch nine time; five times in, and only four out...

    Forty-eight hours later.

    Pen sat on the ground in the middle of a hallway of brand new looking shelves only half filled with equally brand new looking books. He was still in the ancient part of the library, and three minutes before he’d been in the same hallway; the EXACT same hallway; and it had been nothing but moldy ruins. He threw his head back and sobbed, “Where on Earth am I!?”

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    Dawnlooked up at the arch. He had entered the library to find a book about rune magic. He soon found Pentus and decided it was better to follow him. When he got to the arch, he watched as Pen studied it. When he left, Dawn stepped in and began looking at the arch. He had been down this way several times, and it was never there before. He decided that he had stood there long enough, so he went through the arch. He passed through it the same amount of times as Pentus.

    forty-eight hours, later

    Dawn caught up with Pentus, he had marked his path, in case he was going in circles, but he never met a mark.
    "Hey Pentus I'm lost too, I just hope someone comes soon," Dawn said, sitting next to Pentus.

  • Pentus looked to the side as Dawn sat down and he sighed heavily, "And now I'm being stalked by a wannabe magician… no offense. What on earth are you doing following me anyway? I was just wandering around, not trying to blow up the castle or anything... today at any rate." He hung his head and sighed, "Oh who cares anymore? I don't know about you but I've been stuck down here for two days. I tried leaving a trail with what was left of my lunch yesterday but I ran out quick, and it doesn't seem to have done any good anyway." He stared off down the hall, fiddling with the brim of his hat, "I wonder if anyone's noticed I'm gone yet? Huh, not bloody likely. Just a bard after all, but still... I wonder..."

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  • Fenral looked at the large stone arch. He was sent to look for Pentus and had followed his trail of crumbs to this spot. He sighed, if Pentus had been gone for two days they were all screwed. "Well, lets get this over with," he muttered to himself. Right after he passed through the arch he reconsidered and went back. Then through, then back, and so on until he'd gone through the same amount of times as Pentus. He found a trail that wound its way through the library. Fen smiled, at least he could find his way out. "If that doesn't work then Valendrun can lead us out," he voiced his thoughts out loud. Valendrun was enchanted with ancient magic. It had to help the user if things went wrong. After wandering aimlessly for two hours, Fen found Pentus and Dawn sitting next to each other. He ran up to them and declared "Don't worry I can get us out of here!" He reached for Valendrun and found, nothing.
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  • Dawn looked at Fenral and rolled his eyes.
    "Why is it that you always screw up? Oh well, I can save… me." Dawn reached for his runestone, but only found an empty string.
    "This could be a problem."He said as he fumbled with the string. Looking from Pentus to Fen, he decided to do the best thing he could think of.
    Two hours, later.
    Dawn was running down a section of bookcases with books written in a mixture of human, elvish, and dwarvish. Dawn stopped at one book and read the title. Notes on Rune Magic. By:Alreck Jartedart. He picked up the book and flipped to a random page. It was written in runes, which Dawn could interpret just fine. The section read: To whoever is reading this, that means you have found the labrynth. Don't try to get out, I tried and failed. I only say this, follow the dwarven mechano spiders, and you should be fine. The rest of the passage was about reanimating dead stone. (It can happen)Dawn closed the book and went back to Fen and Pen. When he got back, he showed them the passage.
    "Do you know what it means?" He asked, looking hopeful.

  • Pen was lying face down on the floor, arms and legs spread eagle. His staff was a few inches away from his outstretched fingers, also lying on the floor, as he quietly and repeatedly hit his face on the floor.

    "This isn't happening. Ow.
    I am not trapped with these two. Ow.
    I am not trapped. Ow.
    I am not. Ow

    I'm going to die here.

    He heaved himself onto his back with supreme effort when Dawn returned from his outing into the cursed library. He walked up and showed Pen a page in a book, "Do you know what it means?"

    "Is that all you have to say?" The irritated bard asked, "You leave for six hours and come back asking more questions than when you left! Though, to be fair, you weren't asking any before." He pulled himself into a sitting position and snatched the book out of Dawn's hands with an ill tempered huff. He halfheartedly read the entry, then paused in shock when he found it was actually relevant. "Well now, you must be exceptionally lucky to have found the one book in the library with a note from a trapped wanderer like us in it. Now then," He furrowed his brow and pulled out his notebook, "Perfect time to try this. Ahem… Page five hundred and seventy three, password, rosewood." The pages exploded in a mad flurry for a moment, then stopped just as quickly on a page covered in diagrams of metal spiders. "Ha-HA! I really am a genius! Anyway, let me see here." He poked his nose into the notebook and got to his feet, pacing up and down the row as he read aloud, "Now then, ahem… The dwarves are known throughout the world for their technological prowess; inventing and specializing such non-magical marvels as clockwork, steam power, and even semi-controled lightning. One marvel of theirs that is commonplace to them is the "Mechano Spider." These small, clockwork arachnids are normally ten inches from leg tip to leg tip if flattened out, and are used majorly in the excavation of tight passages below ground where even dwarves, with their hearty physique and diminutive stature, cannot venture. They run on simple, wind up clockwork, and from what has been observed of captured specimens, demonstrate the amazing quality of self preservation. When its wind up spring begins to run down the spiders will reach onto their own backs and rewind it, making them ideal for long-term, theoretically unending, assignments underground as well as-"


    Pen looked up sharply just in time to see a thin leg zip around the corner of the bookshelf, apparently walking on the ceiling. "-elsewhere..."

  • Fenral was leaning against one of the millions of bookcases when dawn ran up to Pentus. "Do you know what it means?" he asked Pen. Fenral tuned out after this. He didn't care much for books and scrolls. Much less getting trapped in a labyrinth of books that Fen suspected hated them. Fen looked up to see a Mechano Spider on the, ceiling. The spider noticed him and immediately skittered around a corner. Fen tore off after it. " I'll be right back!" he yelled to Pen and Dawn as he ran after the metal spider. If there was one of these, there was bound to be more. He wound around corner after corner, trying to catch up to the Mechano Spider. "COME BACK HERE!" he yelled after the spider. When he was almost out of breath, he found himself in front of another arch. This one had the word 'test' written in dwarvish on it. Luckily, Fen had learned darvish when he had spent time with them. Fen decided to wait in front of the arch for Pen and Dawn. He just hoped they could find him before he died.
    (ooc) Only Fen see's it. When no one else is around though.

  • Dawn looked around, but he couldn't find Fen anywhere. He opened his 'minds eye' and saw a clear trail of magic essence. He followed the trail, and found Fenral standing around. Dawn was about to tackle him when he felt something on his shoulder. He looked up to see an odd mouth. It looked like a humans, but its lower jaw was split into two, and it had two clawlike structures at the corners of its mouth. When it looked down, Dawn could see two, large, bulbous eyes that were pure white. The creature leaped down and latched on to Dawns face.

  • Pen stared at where the mechano spider had vanished, and was about to ask if anyone else had seen it when Fen suddenly sprinted after it. Pen grabbed at his hair in horror, "No you idiot! It's a labyrinth! People get lost in these things you know!" He screamed at him, but Fen had already vanished into the library. He stared in dumbfoundedness after the man for a moment, then scoffed and said, "Can you believe that Dawn?


    He turned around, then around again just in time to see Dawn wander after Fen. Pen stared again, then sighed in defeat, "They're both insane." Then he grabbed his staff, slipped his notebook into his shirt, and jogged after the pair, "Hold up! Don't leave me here!"

    An hour later from Pen's perspective, but only two minutes from Fen and Dawn's...

    Pen growled a few choice swears under his breath as he trumped through the enchanted library, searching for Fen and Dawn. "Stupid, stupid, stupid heads! I told them to stop, not to go off, but nooooo. I'm just a lowly bard. I can't possibly know what I'm talking about... Oh what am I talking about!? I'm the one that got myself trapped in this place and I can't go blaming SWEET MOTHER OF THE NIGHT!!!"

    Pen shrieked in terror as he rounded a corner just as the... thing, lunged at Dawn's face. Forgetting all the spells he'd ever learned, Pen's instincts took over and his staff shot out, the crystal head arcing up and over him and coming down hard on the creature. That was the good part. Unfortunately, with the creature where it was, the staff also came down with a crack on Dawn's head.

  • Fenral had been sitting in one spot for, he had no idea. When suddenly Dawn appeared around the corner. "Thank goodness you're here and WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT!" he exclaimed as a thing latched on to Dawns face. He had no idea what it was but did know that it wasn't good. He was about to try and remove it from Dawns face when Pen came up. Fen didn't hear what Pentus yelled over the blood roaring in his ears. He did figure out what to do when Pens staff head connected with the creature, and Dawns head, knocking him unconscious. Fenral saw that the thing had loosened its grip a bit, so he took a heavy tome from one of the bookcases and started beating at the creature. when it had come off Dawn and lunged towards Fenral he punched it with all his might, knocking it to the floor. he then stomped on it repeatedly until he was sure it was dead. Fen picked up the book he had used and flipped to a random page. It was a coincidence that the page he found had a diagram of the thing and a description. Unfortunately it was written in elvish. He shoved it at Pentus, "Can you read this?" he asked.

  • Dawn fell unconscious from the combined assault of Fen and Pen. Although Fen thought the creature was dead, it was very much alive, dazed, but alive. It hobbled over to the bookcase, but was zapped by a mechano spider. The spider went over to Dawn and started mending him. Its work was done quickly, and Dawn awoke. He got up and looked at Pen Fen.
    "Was this a plan by you two?" Dawn asked, somewhat angry.

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