Skor Axehound

  • Nicknames: Skor
    Full name: Skor Axehound
    Species: Sea Otter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20 years
    Height: 6 Ft

    Description: He has blue eyes and brown fur, except on the top of his head, which is black. He uses a tight- fitting tunic so as to not hinder his movements.

    Possessions:  He has a longbow with a quiver that holds 25-30 arrows, two short swords, and a backpack for food.

    Strengths: He's really good with a bow, he's good with his swords, and he's a really good swimmer (of course).

    Weaknesses: He doesn't know how to use pole arms or how to throw things at all. He's not a good tracker and can barely cover his tracks on the coast. He's very shy to the point of leaving if he sees too many beasts who he doesn't know.

    Background:  Skor was born on the high north coast, the Eldest son of Regean, son of the legendary Skor Axehound who help defeat Razzid Wearrat. He spent his childhood learning how use a bow and swords and how to make weapons, though he never mastered that skill. Upon coming of age, he decided to go abroad to see the world before taking up his father's place as chief.

  • Pretty good, but you should lengthen the background. 😉

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