Super Evil Villain Discussion Thread of Awesome

  • Just wondering, when exactly are we starting? What are we waiting for? I've been avoiding starting other threads in the expectation this would be active. Since the plot kind of needs to start with taking Salamandastron, maybe if we start, that will encourage the others to start posting too?

  • You know, I don't honestly know when we were going to start this thing, and who was in charge of planning that. But, then again, I'm the admin, so I should have some say in that. I say we start the taking of Salamandastron! Who wants to start?

  • I'm ready to go!  😉

  • Everyone who's ready and with me say ARRRRR! ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  • I know I'm the good guy, but speaking with experience of being an excellent evil guy, if I do say so myself, before you guys begin, I have just a few words of advice when using evil characters. Depending on the depth of depravity and evilness in your character, say on a scale of one to ten (Kariska being a definite eleven >:D ) anything past seven is slightly difficult. I find the difficulty is trying to make him seem as "not such a bad guy" but something I found useful, is forgetting your conscience and putting yourself in their position, keeping in mind that you are a thoroughly depraved and evil person. To quote one of my favorite movies, with a slight difference "When everyone finds out that a bad guy's gone soft, it's nothing but work, work, work all the time!" So yeah, enjoy having an evil character and don't let him/her do anything "good" without an evil motive behind it!

    Till we meet on the battlefields of the Story Arc, farewell!

  • Well, who would like to start us off? I'm happy to start the thread if you like.  😉

  • even though I'm not a villain I'm going to tell you guys that you can't start it with capturing Salamandastron. The feast at Redwall has to start before the mountain is takeable.

  • Skor, events that are pre-determined to happen don't have to have their threads created necessarily in order, especially for something like this.  The defenders aren't miraculously going to be there just because someone else dropped the ball on getting the feast thread started. eyes the people running the arc warily

  • Like Cheshire said, our thread can start after the feast has begun. If the goodbeasts want to RP the gathering of the feast, they can do a prequel thread to ours. But, it doesn't look they are going ot do anything soon. So, Arra, if you wish to begin, then by all means do so! I do not like writing starting posts. 😛

  • I'll get onto it right away!  😉

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