Badger Lord Coltrane Mightyaxe

  • Name- Coltrane Mightyaxe

    Title-Badger Lord of Salamandastron

    Description: Coltrane is tall, even for a badger. He is extremely muscled and has scars covering him from past battles. When the Bloodwrath visits him, he is unstoppable. He usually wears a soft tunic, but underneath is a coat of mail. When in battle gear, he carries his axe in his right hand, wears a long, deep green cloak and some armor, consisting of a breastplate, a helm with a spike and greaves for the arms and legs. His eyes are a deep brown, capable of showing both kindness and harshness.

    History: Coltrane was born and raised in Salamandastron. As young badgers are wont to do, he ran off at an early age to seek his fortune. He met a young mousemaid on her way to Redwall and offered to go with her. Once there, he made friends and after a feast, accompanied a group of moles who were on their way to chop down some trees to repair a broken door. Coltrane left for a while to go after a Dibbun that had run off. He brought it back to Redwall before going back to assist the moles. When he arrived, he witnessed vermin finishing off the last of them. This was the first time the Bloodwrath visited Coltrane. He picked up and axe and annihilated the vermin, but one got away. This one spread the word of a giant badger, and how he killed eleven vermin without a scratch. Coltrane returned to Salamandastron, but only long enough to acquire a proper battleaxe and the skills to use it. Coltrane grew to be extraordinary with his axe, which he named Fiend-bane. He left Salamandastron and roamed far and wide. During this time, he filled out into a mighty badger and because of his prowess with his axe, beasts began to call him Coltrane Mightyaxe. His Bloodwrath was the worst affliction of it that has been visited on any badger, but it also fuels his great strength. He once threw his axe one hundred yards to cleave an escaping Horde Leader in half. Coltrane finally returned to Salamandastron many seasons later, a seasoned warrior and leader. He found his father an old badger and began to rule Salamandastron for him, with his father guiding him and teaching him the ways of the mountain. His father died three seasons after his return and Coltrane was now the Badger Lord of Salamandastron.

    Personality- Coltrane is a kind badger, but utterly relentless and ruthless when it comes to vermin. He loves Dibbuns and young children. He is a good strategist. He can be short-tempered, but tries his best to keep his temper under control.

    Strengths- Coltrane is exceptionally strong and has good agility. He is smart and read up. His axe is his main weapon, but he is ok with a longsword.

    Weakness-He can't use daggers or knives and is terrible with a spear, javelin and bow.

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