High Mage Zariskadia

  • This character is for non-trad threads only, by the way. I am purposely leaving out some information that will only be added after a certain point in the Whitedeath Crowns.

    Name: Zariskadia

    Title: High Mage

    Description: Tall, slightly muscular. Deep, sea green eyes and shoulder length jet black hair. Wears black tight-fitting elvish tunic and leggings. Wears a white cape. Magic runes tend to float around his body.

    History: At this point, as afore mentioned I cannot reveal anything about Zariskadia's past without messing up a nice surprise. But here is what I can tell you.

    Hundreds of years ago, humans, dwarves and elves all lived in harmony. There was another race of beings, called the Adelfoi Orko. The Orko were a race of immortal and extremely powerful beings. They normally lived in the mountains, with nothing to do with the "lower" races except one or two of them. Zariskadia was one such. He sometimes stayed with the humans, and sometimes with the elves and sometimes with the dwarves. He was a Merlin of sorts, given advice and help when in times of peril or need, and sometimes even over small things. He grew into a legend. His power was unmatched, but he never wronged anyone. He strove to do good to all. Then one day, he disappeared. No one knew where he went or what happened. After he disappeared, the Adelfoi Orko left the land, and have never been seen or heard of since.

    Possessions:  A long, black onyx staff, topped with a jagged black diamond and several magically hidden books with spells inside.

    Power: Zariskadia is a powerful mage. The color of his magic is pure black, with it's edges tinged deep purple.

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