Story Arc? Maybe?

  • Okay, so I was hitting my head on my desk a few days ago, and I had an idea about a cool, huge war we could have with the Eselbrador thing before I gave myself a brain anurism.


    Right! So, at the end of the current thread (The Crowns) we return victorious from the mine with the crowns in hand, of course, but while at the mines we found evidence that the dwarves had been building something very big and very complex before we got there and managed to get out with it. Over the next few months, more and more dwarvish groups are spotted all over the world, each one with a large piece of machinery that all look similar. It's suspicious, but no one thinks anything of it until one piece of the special machinery is captured and activated by the soldiers who found that particular group of dwarves. They turn it on andโ€ฆ ZAP! All magical energy within, I dunno, fifty miles suddenly vanishes. NOW things look serious, especially since the dwarves have dozens of these things supposedly, and everything needs some kind of magic to live (call it life energy). Everything except dwarves that is. Dwarves have no magical spark, making them unable to use magic, so they feel like leveling the playing field. Once the gravity of the situation is realized, our band of heroes from Whitedeath City set out to find the machines.
    ย  Well, they find the dwarves at any rate, sealed away inside an impenetrable fortress of unimaginable proportions. Imagine Mt. Everest... but a fortress. Pretty much every dwarf in the world is gathered there, that's, millions I'd say. No single force could ever get inside, so our band breaks up and scatters to the four winds, gathering the forces of the world to save... everything.

    Questions? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Interesting
    But as of right now, we don't have any dwarve characters, and the main (and only) villian we have is Kariska.

  • Talks like Yoda

    Aware of this, I am. Just wanted to get the idea out there, I did. You, I thank.

  • lol. silly Pen ๐Ÿ˜›

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