Positions of the Eselbrador kingdom

  • HOLY CRAP!!! We totally forgot two KEY parts of the military!! Actually three….ANYWAY! Here's a slight change to the numbers...

    Zaridia- 300 Pikemen, 500 Spearmen and 300 Archers

    Eselbrador- 500 Pikemen, 600 Spearmen and 500 Archers

    @Everyone who disagrees with completely reasonable numbers- Back in the days of medieval times, the numbers I came up with would be considered very large to ludicrously large. Imagine the numbers I came up with and put them into one building. That's one frackin' large building....

    Also, on the other hand, we never tampered down on the dimensions of the kingdom, is it like, the size of France or of Europe on the whole. Also, back in the days of the Egyptians to the days of the Persian Empire, the hundred thousands were normal numbers for Empires of that size. So, once we have the dimensions of the kingdoms, then the numbers can be changed accordingly. If the Eselbrador is the size of Europe (roughly) then, yes, it would be completely understandable and reasonable for the army numbers to be in the hundred thousands, and even on the upper side of those numbers. In fact, it would be rather pitiful to have a military of about 6000 and be the size of Europe. So, as mentioned by....someone....Eselbrador's dimensions in regards to size and its relation to the size of the army, will fluctuate according to the size of Eselbrador. Once the size of Eselbrador has been determined, then it would be easier to satisfy everyone with reasonable numbers ACCORDING THE THE SIZE OF THE KINGDOM!

  • I want to be an alchemist! How many of you like that idea?

  • I don't see why not

    Anyone else?

  • As long as you don't come up with gun powder and blow up everything I'm fine with it.

  • I was thinking we would be in the time period when we had ship canons with gun powder. No muskets or guns like that, just canons only on ships.

  • I don't care, Just don't talk to me when the castle gets destroyed by an evil enemy 😛

  • If the enemy manage to get their ships past the royal fleet and my ironclads.

  • Well you see if an enemy gets hold of a cannon then they would just take it off the ship and move it over land, And don't say it would be to heavy because they would still be able to move it.

  • Then we'll just move our cannons over land.

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