Positions of the Eselbrador kingdom

  • I know!!

    He can get turned to stone at the Ruins.
    unless someone else wants to take the position

  • Kiara, I have a solution. If Narvis can stay in the Whitedeath Crowns long enough, there will be an opportunity for him to leave. There is a special character that is important to Kariska's past. If you look at one of my recent posts, you'll see mention of a person named Zariskadia. He is a good mage and Kariska, for reasons known only to himself for the moment and all will be explained, needs to awaken him from an enchanted sleep. Zariskadia can take Narvis under his tutelage. That way, Narvis will have a way out. Also, this means that I will assume Narvis' character, obviously, but it's a good way to keep the character alive. Any objections?

  • Objection!
    Wait... actually, I think that's a good idea. Nevermind, force of habit! šŸ˜‰

  • pretends to shoot himself in head Jeez, evil people have awesome ideas too!

  • I guess it depends on if Narvis wants to do with the character.
    The character does have his name after all, though perhaps after this Zariskadia is awoken Narvis can be 'reborn' in a sense with a new name.

    But again it depends on what Narvis wants for his character.

    • turning to stone (or something else) at the ruins
    • dieing is some nobel way
    • running away fror whatever reason
    • or this idea, that could also work.

  • or I just die and he brings me back and don't know anything
    but still use the same name.
    or I could just die or I could just be prince and be a cavalry captain with a different guy
    I was just getting bored of being Prince
    but since it would make everything a lot easier I'll just go back to being Prince and make a different guy for Captain

  • You don't have to Narvis, though it would be best for you to continue with being the Prince until something can be done wih him, which is what we are talking about.

  • Vladimir could stab him in the back. :3 With the king's son out of the way, Vlad would be next in line.

  • True, and interesting. He would have to come up with a good lie so that Vik and Kiara don't kill him for killing their son. LOL

  • I think I will just stay Prince and make sure not to get stabbed in the back by Vladimir. and anyway in real life you can't just walk away from being a prince or king

  • like stay stay?
    or just stay to the end of the thread and something happens?

  • like stay stay

  • I could be the royal messenger, Kiara. Also, wouldn't Vladimir make the prince's death seem like an accident? Ya know, something heavy fell on him or ate something poisonous?

  • Or he could hire somebody, or he could feed him to Kariska. lol

  • Yeah XD Cause Vlad isn't stupid and just wouldn't walk up and stab the prince right?

  • nope he wouldn't cause I would burn him up before he could

  • @ Danker:
    sounds good.Ā  šŸ™‚

    @ Vik, and Nar:
    No one is hurting my baby! šŸ˜› (unless Narvis actually decides to leave and not 'fake' it again, and then something needs to be done)

  • I think I need to explained Dusk's position a little more. Dusk is a lord of the kingdom, he owns a sizeable plot of land that he rules for the king and queen. He acquired it through perfectly legal, none-forged wills. He now has his peasants work the land, collecting wood, stone, metal, crops, and other resources. He gives a percent of these resources and his profits to the crown, then a percent to his workers, and then the rest to himself for his personal use. Through being a noble, he was allowed in the castle, where he blackmailed Kiara, and got some more elbow room. He started up a small army of 2,000 knights, a small fleet of ironclads, and an extensive spy network. After some shady doings on the court bards part, his elbow room was greatly diminished. He now serves the crown with forced loyalty. He still has some freedom, enough to plot and scheme, but he can't do anything serious. He cant even leave the capitol or his lands without the king/queens permission.

  • Two THOUSAND knights? Ai-shi, that's a LOT! I mean, Lord Bentley doesn't have more than about two and a half DOZEN knights, and they're VERY expensive (as nobility themselves, they have to maintain a certain level of comfort). Heck, he could muster at most few thousand peasant levies, but that would leave him almost tapped out for resources until they were returned. Keep in mind that his estate is not one known for being poor, either.

  • I tried telling him something like that, but he's set on being a warmachine to be reckoned with, no matter what the laws of reality say! Shakes fist at reality

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