Here's a poem, written at our Prince's request.

_O’er the towers n’towns
Icy winds of winter blow throughout the fields
Snow is in the trees
Lords and peasants using bed-sheets as their shields

Lying in my bed
Frozen voice of winter moaning, so it seems
With blankets all around
Thoughts of springtime keep me warm in my dreams

Sunlight on the waves
The ocean, like a sparkling diamond plane
Ships upon the tide
Fly like seabirds on the still, majestic main

Falcons in the fields
Soaring through the air on wings that touch the sky
Dancing in the glen
Mighty elk that run so fast they seem to fly

Emerald waves of grass
A living sea of endless green and gold and blue
Rolling with the hills
Faeries riding on the wind in every hue

Mountains rising high
Strong and tall enough to touch the clouds
Hidden in the deeps
In the stone’s cold heart rest old forgotten shrouds

The land of the Elves
Forsaken the jungles and forgotten the ruins
But still beautiful
Thick vines, the threads, and great trees, the looms

Night falls in the north
Icy hands hold sway there, even in the spring
With the stars they rise
Tinted spirits to the heavens taking wing

Gold sands in the south
Where the nomads are born to live alone
Eselbrador in spring
A land and sky that few have fully known

I see it in my dreams
A place that yields to neither space nor time
Ever changing and the same
Home of the great and the small, dark and sublime_

If you made that up I applaud you heartily!

Oh Pentus, ye most excellent of bards, thou ne'er failest to impress.    8D

Man your good Pen thats far better than what me and Skip have done so far. But we will see if we can make one as good as yours

Aww, thanks guys. I think you're gonna make me blush. Oh, here's the problem Turns ego on Yes, yes, thank you, thank you. It's true, I am amazing. The line starts here to grovel at my feet. Puts ego on medium Okay, I think that's good. Anyway, thank you for the compliments. I'm in the middle of a second one; a narrative poem about an epic war. I was hoping we could add it to sort of the legends of Eselbrador. But anyway, that should be up tomorrow or the next day.

You're not gonna try to create anything lame and/or stupid about Jared's relation to the elves and blacksmithing, are you? I wouldn't be surprised if you did; it would just be weird.

No Jared, I'm not, and I'm sorry for doing that to you in the first place now that I see how depressed it's made you.

No, my next poem is about an event that takes place almost ten thousand years ago. It's called When the Wizards Went to War.

OK, thank goodness. But then again, I can't stop you from writing whatever you want, can I? If it pops up, then it pops up. It will eventually, won't it? Not that I'm going to be surprised;I am actually wondering how that would look.

…..........Could I seriously make a request for you to do a piece about that?

–>Pentus Takes Requests<–
Do these words confuse you people for some reason? 😛 Yes, as advertised, and as stated in my job description, I do take requests. 😄 Have at me! I dare you!


Aww, thanks guys. I think you're gonna make me blush. Oh, here's the problem Turns ego on Yes, yes, thank you, thank you. It's true, I am amazing. The line starts here to grovel at my feet. Puts ego on medium Okay, I think that's good. Anyway, thank you for the compliments. I'm in the middle of a second one; a narrative poem about an epic war. I was hoping we could add it to sort of the legends of Eselbrador. But anyway, that should be up tomorrow or the next day.

OMG! Your so funny Pen!!! ROFL!

Behold! My next great work!

_On the long distant roads
The prince we once did know
Wanders on the edge of all existence

So far away from home
Exiled in the unknown
He soldiers on with inhuman persistence

The man without a sigil
On a long, unending vigil
Watching o’er the old, forgotten land

Discarded and despised
The prince uncrowned; un-cried
Makes his final, unrelenting, bitter stand

A man who once we loved
A man with heart of dove
Has fallen from his blessed, rightful station

And now he rides alone
‘Crost desert sand and stone
Now banditry and death is his vocation

But know ye now the fate
Of the ones who desecrate
The honor of a prince so good and true

One day when ravens fly
In a black as iron sky
When the oceans turn to red instead of blue

And when the winds do wail
Coming from the north to sail
Like a banshee all along the land so burned

Those days shall be your end
Wretched banishers of men
Know then, the prince of exile, has returned_

Awsome poem Pen, Thanks for doing it for me 🙂

I just watched the episode of Dr. Who called When a Good Man Goes to War and I wanted to write this afterwards.

_When the odds are stacked so high, they’ve blotted out the sky, and the sun just seems to die…

When hope has fallen low, and the stars have stopped their glow, and the springs have ceased to flow...

When the sea turns black and red, when the light is left for dead, when the final verse is read...

When the heroes fail their task, and none stand at the mast, weak, small men, at last...
Will rise and say “Enough”_

The long awaited "Jared Poem." lol. Done from our beloved and conflicted blacksmith's pov.

_My father gave me strength
Put the hammer in my hand
Showed me how the steel
Can be soft as soggy sand

He gave to me the forge
My skill and my vocation
Though they seem to matter little now
Compared to my relations

My mother gave me those
And gods, it’s caused me strife
The blood of elves and humans
Why did she give me life!?

I used to be a child
So innocent and pure
But now I am a freakshow
A cancer with no cure

Now they see me as a puppet
A man of sticks and strings
Wizards, lords, and madmen
Force me to jump through rings

I feel I’ve ceased to matter
The real me anyway
The “elvish king” has risen
And Jared will decay

Some days I think I’d like that
To stop my life and rest
All spirits are the same then
All spirits are: in death

No elvish blood to haunt me
No need to remain brave
Just the final, unknown question
And the embrace of the grave

But my father gave me strength
My friends will still need me
And then there is Melinda…
Screw my destiny_

Here's one I've been working on for a few weeks. Brace yourselves for my first epic poem; forty brain-bending stanzas long. That's a hundred and sixty lines of fun milords and ladies! You've been warned, heh-heh-heh.

And now, I give you…

When the Wizards Went to War

_The land was something different once
Unknown and strange and far
No memory remains from then
But that of the Wizards’ War

They were prosperous and peaceful
Oh, those days of ancient lore
The legends tell of happiness
Before the wizards went to war

But then the darkness rose from Hell
With a vengeful, hate-filled roar
The demons entered the mortal plane
To kill the men of yore

They ravaged and they butchered
Nations toppled by the score
No force alive could stop them
Until the wizards went to war

But the wizards of the era
Kept themselves behind locked doors
They were frigid and apart
And watched the world from afar

The demons felled the forests
Burned the mountains and the moor
They changed our base reality
Before the wizards went to war

The wizards stayed secluded
Kept alone to read the stars
But then something wicked started
That would send them all to war

Spells began to fade and die
Like the peoples they forswore
They gathered then to hold a moot
At the fortress of Baloor

They gathered in the thousands then
And discovered to their horror
The demons were making the magic die…
...and they all gained a ghostly pallor

No force they’d known could do such
No beast they’d seen before
They did what they thought they had to
The wizards, went to war

The demons came again one day
To kill, destroy, and mar
But they found the wizards waiting for them
Ready to make their war

The first clash is a legend alone
The Earth and stars did char
As the demons and the wizards fought
Our world changed forevermore

Their battles were a wondrous thing
But terrible in their gore
Oceans of blood soaked the ground
As the wizards made their war

Men and elves and elementals
Fae and dwarves and more
No race escaped the bloodshed
No race escaped the horror

Men died in the millions
Even dragons died in scores
The casualties were massive
As shadowed fire soared

The battles raged a century
A mad, unending war
Shattered and remade we were
Ten thousand times or more

The land and sky and oceans
Even, gods forbid, the stars...
Destroy, reshape, repeat again
So went the Wizard’s War_

Intermission! Let's all go to the lobby!

_The end began at Shellen’s Deep
On the bleak and blackened shore
The wizard king there met his match
At the twilight of the war

He was remembered but a day
There was no time to mourn
Fast they chose a new leader
A great wizard named Sadore

Young and brash, but wise as well
That was the man Sadore
The greatest of the greats back then
And he fully hated the war

He looked upon the horrors and
He knew what was in store
If they stayed upon their current course
The world would be no more

The war must finally finish
The demons so deplored
Must be sent back through the hellgates
To where they’d been before

Locked within his chambers
Stayed the wizard king Sadore
Brooding, plotting, and a-planning
How could he end this war?

A month and fifteen days
Before he opened up his door
Emerging, somber, with a plan
That we of present now deplore

He gathered a hundred monsters
Though wizards’ skins they wore
Bloodthirsty, mad, and soulless
They came unto Sadore

The worst of all the killers
The ones who thrived on gore
They followed the wizard king
To attack Hell’s black door

Twas a rift between the planes
An open, bleeding sore
Twixt our world and the demons’
This, was the conflict’s core

No man had ever seen it
Some said it was just lore
But in the final battle
They’d finally face its horror

They broke the demons’ lines
And through the ranks they tore
Blood and shadows and fire
Death behind them and before

With a wild, evil glee
They pushed further than all before
They turned mountains into sandpits
And the deadliest was Sadore

He called upon the heavens
Upon the wind and waters’ roar
Oceans rose up from the seabed
And he led the storm of war

They pulverized the demons
But every death brought more
They fought on day and night
Until, at last, they reached the door

Atop a darkened mountain
Like a twisted, blackened scar
Rose the portal of the demons
And began the ending of the war

The madmen and the butchers
They took the slopes and bore
Their king unto the high peak
So he might finally end the war

To a man they held the slopes
As their king beheld the door
He took his stance at that black gate
And began his deadly chore

Only then was the king’s plan
Made known to those foolish poor
One hundred wizards stood aghast
As their souls were taken o’er

He’d tricked them all, yes every one
That bastard king Sadore
He stole their souls and burned them up
To seal the demon’s door

The spell is lost, the one he used
There’ll be no mystic encore
A hundred wizards were erased
And one monster named Sadore

The land was saved, the demons fled
But the world still hears the roar
Paltry few managed to survive
But those few hated mages with a fervor

We still remember that fateful fight
When common men cringe on the floor
E’er they see us using magic; recalling
When the wizards went to war_

That's right, it actually does end at some point! So what do you think?

Pure awesomeness radiates from this poem. Enough said.  😉

Classic! Well written in a very flowing and consistent script and meter. It almost has a beat to it… It's enjoyable to read and I love the imagery and stuff. So, definitely ditto to what Jared said.  😉 Bravo Bard.

Here you all go, some mp3 files of yours truly reading, or maybe singing, not sure what to call it really, some of the poems I've written. Enjoy, or get ready for your ears to bleed out. Again, not sure which.

When the Wizards Went to War
The Banished Prince
Jared's Poem

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