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  • Pentus looked around the website and folded his arms over his chest, leaning back and rubbing his chin with a hand, "Hmmm… interesting. It would seem I have free time on my hands... haven't had free time in a while." He looked up at the ceiling consideringly, huffing slightly after a few moments, "Feels strange." He shivered and looked around, agitated, "I don't like it. It's too quiet. Too boring! Now what can I do to fix that." He hopped up on top of the shoutbox and paced, "Hmmm… I've already got some role-plays going on. I could draw, but I don't much care to right now." He stopped and clapped his hands, "I know! I'll write some poems!" He frowned again and continued pacing, "Oh, but what to write about? Oh dear, oh dear, can't write if I don't have any ideas. Oh look!" He stopped and grinned, clapping again, "An idea!" He turned and faced the computer screen, hitting it with his staff, "You out there! Yes you! This is the court bard speaking, now tell me what you'd like to hear you feudal louts!"

    (OOC: Fourth Wall? What Fourth Wall!? I see no walls here!)

  • Lets hear a poem about our kingdom.

  • Thank you my Prince, I'll start right away. Would you like anything specific?

  • No, just see if you can make it better than the ones Me and Skip make 😛

    I know it will be better

  • I'll do the best I can, and you and Skip write poetry? I'd like to read some of it.

  • Hah! Your faith in me is over whelming Narvis.
    I'd like to see how you write poetry too Pen.
    mutters at Narvis I'll show you a thing or three.
    Sure Pen, Narvis would be glad to show you.

  • Funny Skip, we should make some new ones to show him

  • I see what your up to Narvis. Your trying to corner me into writing poetry again…..sneaky little (improvise). Oh well.

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    Could I seriously make a request on a piece about Jared Sandeye's relations with the Elves and his blacksmithing? It doesn't necessarily have to be about that, it can be about whatever you choose; it just has be within those subjects. Would that be possible?  ???

  • Yes you can, and yes it could. 😉 I would appreciate a little more direction though. How is your relationship with the elves? Do you resent your elvish blood (Sorry again). What do you feel when you're blacksmithing?

    "Information; I cannot make bricks without clay." ~Sherlock Holmes

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    Taking on the persona of Jared Sandeye…..

    Well, yes, I do resent my Elvish blood, and my relationship with the Elves might not be good because I may be viewed as too young a boy (or man, for that matter) to be the long-lost prophesied king because of my young age.

    And as I said before, I do resent my Elvish blood. I didn't even know my mother, Faolis Sandeye, was an Elf. Of course, I would hate the fact that I'm half-elf and half-human. It just makes my present and future life that much harder. Not that I hate the Elves all together, I just hate myself for being part Elf even though the Elves were the first inhabitants of Eselbrador and I'm going to help get them back. So I don't hate Elves in general; I just hate myself.

  • First, no one said anything about prophecy. You just have royal blood, but even if you were full elf, you'd be, like, fifth or sixth in line for the elven crown, and that's if none of the rest of the royal family had any children of their own. Second, yeesh, looks like this is going to be a pretty dark, depressing poem. Not sure if I'll be any good at that kind of poetry, but I'll give it a shot.

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